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Jun 13, 2011 02:23 PM

Solo Seattle

I'm going to be traveling through Seattle at a midpoint of a pretty whirlwind west coast travel stint - it'll be my only two days/nights alone and chilled out, so I'm looking for a place near 3rd and Cherry (I'm from NYC, so walking a bit isn't an issue) to chill out during the day, drink a glass of wine or a beer (or three) and read. And taste some tasty food while I'm at it. Somewhere where I can linger at a table or a bar without feeling like I'm annoying the bartender/not letting them turn the table fast enough. Any recommendations/thoughts?

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  1. You might check out Purple Cafe & Wine Bar, or Triple Door (if there's no show, or a show playing you want to see).

    Triple Door
    216 Union St, Seattle, WA 98101

    1. You say to chill out during the day...are you looking for a place open during the middle of the day, between lunch and dinner?

      1. Oddfellows--long walk, short cab, serves all day and has a relaxed vibe. Sip, wine bar and food, is a good choice--lots of windows and sofas too. Short walk. Purple may work, but the downstairs chairs aren't as comfortable. there are sofas in a loft area, but I don't know when it opens and it's pretty dark up there (if you're reading a paper book).

        1. Oliver's Bar in the Mayflower Hotel will accommodate you quite well. (There are soft, comfortable chairs in the downstairs area.) Since Oliver's in not trendy, they are not so packed as to be concerned about turning the table; they also make an outstanding martini.