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Hey guys need best Fish & Chips in San Diego?

Hey guys need best Fish & Chips in San Diego?

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    1. I actually like the Fish Bucket in Tierrasanta. May be out of your way.

      Fish Bucket
      6030 Santo Rd Ste G, San Diego, CA 92124

      1. Thanks for the good tips guys...d;^)

        1. Try Jimmy's Famous Tavern.

          1. Hooley's Irish Pub in Grossmont Mall has good F&C and only $7.

            1. Thanks again guys,

              We rairly eat later than afternoon so that takes some choices away...d;^(

              1. Try South Beach Bar & Grill on Newport in Ocean Beach. Everything fried is quite good there, including the fish & chips. Volume and experience in the kitchen help when fried food is involved and SBB&G has a tremendous turnover all the time. A good variety of draft beer, also benefitting from the high customer volume, and half price appetizers on Monday are also attractive.

                1. Churchill's Pub in San Marcos does a solid fish and chips.

                  1. Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill has my favorite fish and chips in San Diego. This version is a little healthier because the batter on the fish is very light. But they give you a huge portion of fish.


                    Blue Water Seafood
                    3667 India St, San Diego, CA 92103

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                      Thanks again guys...d;^)

                      That... http://www.chow.com/restaurants/85383... sounds perfect as my wife prefers light batter.

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                        Oh yes. The only unfried items on the menu are the cole slaw and clam chowder. Same menu and decor and "London Style" on the front window as when it was Tugboat Fish N Chips.

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                          That looks good guys...d;^)

                          Do they have malt vinegar perchance?

                          1. re: pRon

                            Ohyes. Look at the photo of the tables. One bottle on each...

                            1. re: Cathy

                              Thanks Cathy,

                              I just noticed that when reading the reviews...d;^)

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                                I live right near this place and have eaten there many times. Its legit. If the fish n chips dont tickle your fancy, there is always Coops BBQ. Easily the best WEst Texas Style I have in San Diego and Southern California.

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                                  Thanks for that tip on Coops hopheadsd!

                                  I was looking for fish & chips for my wife and she turns around and wants to get me BBQ for my BD...d;^)

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                                    I have to put in a vote for Anthony's Fishette--love the chips and tartar sauce. Also, we used to love the fish and chips at Ritual Tavern in North Park--however we haven't indulged in some time.

                                    Ritual Tavern
                                    4095 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

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                          This is my go to place for fish and chips