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Need some specific rec's for Baltimore (Canton/Fells Point)

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I will be docking in Baltimore this weekend and staying on our boat in a marina close to the Captain James. My husband is a chef and we're serious chowhounds-- but that def doesn't have to mean high end or fancy... just great food. We particularly like seafood, but are up for anything unique.

Here's what I'd like some suggestions for:

* Good food-centric happy hour for Friday evening, but must have outside tables-- we travel with our dog and need to bring her with us.

* Good place to take Dad for lunch on Saturday - again needs to have dog-friendly seating.

* What do you suggest for take-out crabs from this neighborhood. How is the Captain James crab house (vs. Obrykis?).

* What is within walking distance for breakfast, brunch, and late night grub? We tend to graze with drinks and apps throughout the evening, rather than sit down to a big meal. Does not need to be dog-friendly.

* How is the Bay Cafe these days? Is there still a raw bar at Cross Street Market on Sundays? Is Faidley's open on the weekends?

* What is the best bet for a unique cocktail menu in this part of Baltimore?

Thanks hon!

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  1. Saturday lunch that is dog friendly - Shucker's is in Fells and they have outdoor seating and there are usually dogs sitting at tables.

    Breakfast - Bonaparte Breads has outdoor seating and is good for a light breakfast (pastries).

    Late night foods - Sip & Bite is a block away from Captain James and is good for late night (open 24) cheap eats. Ale Mary's is pretty good for grub as well but not open as late.

    I didn't have that great of an experience at Bay Cafe. Best crabs I've had recently is actually at Canton Dockside. They have outdoor seating but it's further down on Boston Street.

    Raw bar is still there at Cross Street and I believe it's open on Sundays. Not sure about Faidley's.

    Pazo has a nice cocktail menu and is in Habor East. B&O Brasserie does as well but is in downtown on Charles/Baltimore.

    Hope this helps!

    1. I'd consider Chris' Seafood for carry out crabs. In fact, they deliver. In case they don't deliver to your boat, it's easy walking distance from where you'll be docked.

      You also might want to consider taking a taxi over to the JFX Market on Sunday morning. Check out long thread here for info.

      1. Sip and Bite is a good choice for an old-fashioned greasy breakfast. They have real ham, rather than ham from rectangular pigs. Another good choice for that would be Jimmy's on the square in Fells Point.

        Faidley's is not open on Sundays, but is on Saturdays (I think).

        Bay Cafe mostly just has a great view, and you'll have that from your boat.

        Chris' Seafood has good crabs. I've never had crabs from Captain James (I usually buy live crabs from Chris' and cook them at home), but they're certainly convenient to your location. And if the weather isn't too horribly humid (it's nice today, but I don't know if it will hold 'til the weekend) their deck could be a pleasant place to eat.

        Arguably the best restaurant in Baltimore (Charleston) isn't far away in Harbor East, but that doesn't really fit your grazing through the evening thing, and they aren't open on Sunday.

        1. Definitely try Tabrizis. It's on the water, has dockside accommodations, and many locals "parade" their pooches on the promenade and outside the restaurant, where there is dining. FoiGras

          500 Harborview Drive, Baltimore, MD 21230

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            Tabrizi's is clear on the other side of the harbor. Not exactly conveniently located.

          2. Kisling's Tavern on Fleet St. Great for grazing and very close to where you're docked. Good crab cakes, shrimp salad (try the Neptune Club Sandwich- crab cake topped with shrimp salad), steamed shrimp, wings, and wonderful soups. Decent beer selection. Friendly staff.


            1. Try PITANGO'S GELATO on the square at the foot of Broadway in Fells Point for something sweet after those crabs!!

              1. Friday evening - Kooper's on Thames St. They have a buffet with seafood options and the place is named after a dog.

                Saturday lunch - The Point on Thames St. They have outdoor seating and a special menu just for dogs (bones, etc.)

                Captain James crabs are great and given the convenience a good choice for you. Their outside seating over the water is a nice option.

                If you don't mind a wait, Blue Moon for breakfast. If you would rather not stand in line, Jimmy's in Broadway Square.

                Grazing - wings from Kislings and tacos from Tortilleria Sinaloa - both are only a block or two up from the water (Fleet St and Eastern Ave).

                Unique cocktail menu - Pazo. But, they are a bit persnickety with their dress code. If you want more casual One Eyed Mikes makes the best margaritas!

                Blue Moon Cafe
                1621 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                Pazo Restaurant
                1425 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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                  Peter's Inn would be another option for Friday. They have outdoor tables and much better food than Kooper's. (IMHO)

                  Peter's Inn
                  504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                  1. re: WilliamKH

                    Completely agree that the food is better at Peter's Inn, but i thought they opened at 6:30 for dinner and did not have a happy hour?

                    Peter's Inn
                    504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                    1. re: MCinBMore

                      On Peter's Inn website it says Cocktails 5:30 - 1AM.

                      Peter's Inn
                      504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                      1. re: MCinBMore

                        they do not have a happy hour. they let people in and have drinks before dinner service, but there are no happy hour specials

                      2. re: WilliamKH

                        Second Peters for great food and outdoor tables (but only a few).

                      3. re: MCinBMore

                        Agree on Tortilleria Sinaloa. They close early (6:00?). it would be a great mid-day snack.

                        Blue Moon is a complete hit and miss and arguably not worth the wait. There have been previous posts, so you can do a quick search for it.

                      4. Thanks for the great suggestions. We'll definitely order up from Chris's this time. And I'm very intrigued by Tortilleria Sinaloa and Ale Mary's too.

                        If we were to opt for a sit down dinner on Saturday, which would you recommend Bluegrass or Peter's Inn?

                        As for lunch with outside tables on Saturday, would you go for Shucker's, John Stevens, or The Point?

                        Thanks everyone!

                        Peter's Inn
                        504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                        Ale Marys
                        1939 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

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                        1. re: xtian

                          Peter's Inn you can walk to. Bluegrass would require a cab, or a one-mile walk to Harbor East to pick up the Circulator bus orange line, and transfer to the Circulator Purple line.

                          And if you walk the mile to Harbor East, you should consider Charleston which is right there.

                          Peter's Inn
                          504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                          1. re: xtian

                            I would highly recommend not to go to John Stevens as it is a tourist trap and a bad one at that. The interesting thing about Shuckers is that it has been occupied by a succession of tourist traps, but last time I went (last summer), the food was pretty decent and a decent value.

                            But Ale Mary's beats them all and has outdoor tables.

                            For cocktails, I HIGHLY recommend going to Chesapeake Wine Company. They have a few outdoor tables (they fill up quickly) so you can bring your dog. They have wines by the glass or you can pop open a bottle of wine and they also make great cocktails.

                            No one recommends Pierpoint anymore but they were the first high-end restaurant in the area and still good.

                            Pierpoint Restaurants
                            1822 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                            Ale Marys
                            1939 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                            1. re: xtian

                              It's rarely mentioned on this forum, but I'd consider One Eyed Mike's on Bond Street in Fells Point which is in walking distance and very dog friendly.

                              1. re: baltoellen

                                I seem to recall that the authorities shut down the dog-friendliness of One-Eyed Mike's. I may be misremembering, though.

                                One-Eyed Mike's
                                708 S Bond St, Baltimore, MD 21231

                                1. re: Hal Laurent

                                  I think your memory is correct, although it is a new (dog) day in Baltimore (thankfully). Haven't been there since the new dining with dogs law was passed, but can't imagine that dogs are not allowed out on the back deck. (Of course, that means walking through the restaurant part, so maybe not....) Maybe the OP should call first!

                                    1. re: hon

                                      mmmm...I've only ever eat off the more casual (and cheaper) part of the menu, but it has been a while....

                            2. I love Ale Mary's, great food, fun staff, close to the water and outdoor dining.

                              Ale Marys
                              1939 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231