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Jun 13, 2011 12:25 PM

Good Venezuelan food in the Seattle area?

Hey everyone: my Venezuelan husband, Luis, and I just moved here and we're searching for different types of authentic food, including venezuelan food (arepas, cachapas, queso de mano, desmechada, etc) Does anyone know a good place? Also, he would like to buy some VZ coffee (El Pinon, Fama de America, etc). Thanks!

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  1. I understand that Meza on Capitol Hill serves an arepa, but I don’t know of anyplace in the area that actually specializes in Venezuelan cuisine. I only wish there were!

    1. I've been to a couple of places that had some Venezuelan dishes, but both seemed to disappeared or changed. For a while there was place in Lynnwood that focused on Cuban and Venezuelan food, doing mostly delivery. That has closed. Last year I had lunch at a place in downtown Everett that had a mix of South American food, but I can't find it online.

      As for buying items, various Latino shops sell a mix of items from Latin America. The largest up north that I know of is Plaza Latina in Shoreline, 99 just south of 175th.

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        @paulj, you are thinking of Marimba in Everett, which recently closed. It has reopened as "Sol Food" but I havent been there to see their menu.

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          Apparently Casa del Mojito--name notwithstanding--has some legitimate Venezuelean dishes, but I've yet to try it.

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            I suspected something like that. The Sol menu was more restricted than what I remembered. Looked like Marimba got most of its business hosting evening dances.

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            We went to Plaza Latina today and they had quite a good selection of different foods from latin america, although I thought it was going to be larger (like a mini mall of stores). Not much in the way of produce, but they had a good selection of canned/bottled foods, etc.

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              They've been gradually expanding, the latest probably doubled the space.