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Jun 13, 2011 11:56 AM

Pittsburgh's best Inflating Prices?

So I am some what bored at work and wanted to get some opinions. The last two weekends I have some out of town visitors , Family From NYC and Baltimore. To my surprise they commented on how expensive everything was. Looking through my bank records for weekends do they have a point?

Kaya for lunch (4) 120.00 No booze

Dinnete for Dinner (4) 200.00 (yes wine catches up ,i know )

Eleven... I did not pay , but I am sure it was more than I could afford..

Now I think every one of those places are worth it.... however when does overcharging and quality food / setting meet? This is not a easy question to asnwer or should be answered just want to hear peoples thoughts

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  1. I really like each of those places, but it's hard to argue with your family. $30 per person for lunch, and $200 for pizza for four is pretty pricey! Eleven is in a different league and an expensive place. I wouldn't say that these places aren't worth it , (I've left my money at all of them) but there are a lot of other restaurants that may offer a better value.

    This could be a good topic for dicussion...Places with good quality food at reasonable prices.

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      Compare this with the increase of cost of food at the local supermarket. The restaurants are raising prices not because they can.. but they must to stay in business. You will see higher increases at the higher end restaurants as they use higher end ingredients, or you will see substitutions, changes in menu or smaller portions. Some is being driven by energy prices, some by shortages/droughts... The phenomena is real, and its effectin McDonalds as well as better restaurants. Starbucks has raised its packaged coffee prices twice since March of this year, the second time by 17 percent.

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        Your review on Chelsea Grill made my day, I work close to oakmont and never had the chance to try it yet... Made it on my list now

      2. I've not been to Dinette. It sounds expensive for pizza -- now it sounds REALLY expensive for pizza -- and I'm in that area more at lunchtime than for dinner.

        Kaya sounds like a bargain, relatively speaking. Was the food good? $30 per person isn't outrageous, necessarily. I've never been there, so I don't know. I spent $20 the other day for a grilled cheese and tomato soup, plus dessert and ice tea, w/T&T, at Avenue B. It was good, but I don't know if it was $20 worth of good. I wouldn't've minded spending another $10 and getting something that knocked my socks off.

        Avenue B
        5501 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

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          Rising food costs and overhead costs are scary for any establishment and cannot disagree with that cwdonald. A close friends runs a local lounge and the addes expense of running AC in the summer is astonishing.

          Jay... I have been to Dinette 3 times and I had ABOVE average food and service in a feel good setting.--I am willing to pay for the whole experience, but for PIZZA in Pittsburgh it is for sure on the steep side.

          Kaya is getting harder to defend.. It is always enjoyable food at good prices, I just dont feel like I would recomend a certain dish to you... if that makes sense -- Lunch and DInner menu not much different if at all. you could eat for under 20 /person. Just don't expect anything sepctacular

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            I went to Park Bruges twice. Two orders of mussels, we split the frites, 2 glasses of wine and a side (mac & cheese) and I think we spent about $50-$60.

              1. re: burghgal

                For those mussels and frites, it's worth it.

                1. re: Panini Guy

                  I made my own moules tonight for dinner. Mariniere, a la Julia Child. Just delicious. I served it with bread and a salad. Pas des frites.

          2. I went to Salt of the Earth on Friday. Two starters, two mains, 2 cocktails, 1 glass of wine, 2 desserts and 1 pressed coffee was $115.

            Cut out the alcohol and desserts, bill would have been around $60.

            Food was amazing as usual.