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Jun 13, 2011 11:39 AM

Mis Trucos

Not sure why this place isn't mentioned more often in these boards. "She Who Must be Obeyed" and I had the 6 course tasting menu on Saturday and it was one of the best meals I've had in my life. I won't go into everything (unless I'm provoked), but some of the dishes were spectacular. In particular the sou vide chicken breast. It is now up there on my list of best dishes ever tasted. Not a big fan of the philosophy behind molecular gastronomy, but the 60 degree egg actually made me laugh. We absolutely will be heading there again, although by public transit next time. We almost ran out of time on the meter. 6 courses, plus beer to start took almost 2 hours. Big time worth it though.

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  1. Consider yourself provoked :-). Details on courses please!

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    1. re: grayelf

      I've avoided it because of abysmal reviews across the internets re:service.

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Right, let's get going.

        $35 a head. Deal of the year.

        Here’s what we had. I apologize for not going into the nitty gritty of all the presentations, a smear of this, a dollop of that, but everything was very nicely presented.

        Amuse bouche - Cold toasted almond/garlic soup – smelled terrific, tasted wonderful, and ensured that we would not kiss anyone else for the night.

        Appetizer - Spot prawn and grapes – tasted fine, but the spot prawns were a bit, I don’t know, mushy? However, when I make spot prawn at home they are like that as well. Not as firm as other prawns I am familiar with.

        Appetizer - 3 Pinxtos (basically canapés) quail egg, anchovy & pesto; salmon tartare – nothing wrong with these, but overall a bit forgettable

        64 degree egg – Informed that it was cooked sou vide for 45 minutes. Wish I could remember what this was served on and with, but I was caught up with how terrific and different this was to every other egg I’ve had in my life. The yolk was gelatinous and the white was like custard. I Googled this when I got home and there are hundreds of entries about it. Definitely going to try to make this at home.

        Sou vide Chicken on quinoa with nuts and almonds – Freaking great. Served with a red wine reduction and a carrot purée. Hints of smoke. Great textures, colourful, everything about this dish was fantastic. I did not want it to end.

        Pannecotta with poached apricot and garnished with blueberries – Perfect way to finish. This was served just as SWMBO went off to the washroom. At first I was going to wait for her to return before I started, but then I had a bite. Then I couldn’t stop eating it. Then it took everything I had to keep from eating hers.

        Right, some other notes.
        1) Almost couldn’t find it, the address isn’t shown at street level. It is upstairs above the stores.
        2) It was lengthy, took almost 2 hours which we were not expecting. Glad we had plenty to talk about.
        3) The servers were terrific. Explained each course, did their jobs, and were not in your face. Cute as heck too
        4) The music was absolutely the right level. Low enough to be totally unobtrusive if you had something going on, but still there when the conversation stopped. Didn’t hurt that I really like the genre as well.
        5) The room is small, but bright and the tables are far enough apart to ensure that you have your own space. The patio would be a great place on a sultry summer night.

        So there it is. Definitely returning. I think next time we’ll order a la carte and see what happens.

        1. re: Tinfoilhat

          Sounds both chow worthy and a good value. Thanks so much for providing the extra detail. I've had MT on "the list" for a while now but haven't got around to going. Must rectify that.

          1. re: grayelf

            I don't have as much details but I've enjoyed both my meals at Mis Trucos. Tasting menus in both cases.

            1. re: farman

              Same here. I enjoyed my meal there back in May. I can go back any time for another tasting menu meal!

    2. How much was the 6 course tasting. The only time I dined there, it was ridiculously expensive.