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Feb 26, 2006 12:51 PM

Hoagies & Wings

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Stopped in for lunch at Hoagies & Wings, which I saw on this board in a discussion of wings (or cheesesteaks) a couple of weeks ago. Smallish stand on north side of Venice Blvd. between Hauser and La Brea, with covered seating outside the order window.

Had the steak hoagie, grilled with onions and jack cheese. Not really an authentic Philly, since it comes with lettuce and tomato (I ordered w/o mayo). Very tasty beef, roll was a bit on the crisp rather than chewy side. Ordered fries well-done, as I almost always do, and they came out piping hot with a lot of seasoning (a bit salty).

What I liked best about the place was how eager they were to please. The woman who took my order walked out to deliver my soda and food rather than just calling me to the window, and the manager repeatedly asked if he could refill my drink, made sure I was happy, and even gave me the remote for the TV. Urged me to come back to sample the wings.


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  1. We've been getting their chicken honey hoagies for a while and it seems to be more of a po boy style type sandwich (hot meat, lettuce tomato mayo) than a real east coast hoagie, but we like it.

    Their hot wings are seriously HOT.

    1. It's true, their "hoggies" are not traditional east coast hoggies or a cheesesteak. Their steak sandwich is ok. Try their Buffalo chicken hoggie!

      Great Buffalo wings but you should definitely try the lemon pepper wings. Last time I went, they let me get two flavors when I ordered 8 wings.

      The staff is amazing. After the second time I went there, they knew me and knew what I was going to order.

      1. i just tried it and i loved it. I'm a big fan of buffalo style anything. so the wings part is what lured me. i have yet to try the hoagies. though i am sure i will love it. i have a preference for po boy style sandwiches. the buffalo wings were tasty. just the right amount of spice. The blue cheese dressing taste homemade..thick with chunky's delightful. the second time....i once again went with buffalo style. chicken fries this time. basically a pile of french fries with a diced up crispy chicken breast on top. (fry like) the whole thing is drenched in buffalo sauce..not a dry fry to be found. it was a bit overwhelming, but delicious.... i'm looking forward to my next visit....i'm planning to try the garlic parmesan mouth is watering just thinking about it. one gripe with hoagies & wings is the chicken breast texture is compressed style...slightly reminiscent of frozen chicken you find at the grocers and or McDonnell's. still super delicious...

        enjoy !

        1. H&W is the only place in LA that I've tried that even comes close to making acceptable buffalo wings. They are pretty good... and I agree with the sentiment about the staff there. Everyone is very friendly.

          Someone here recently was lamenting that they hadn't had good wings since moving from Atlanta. I feel your pain (I'm also an atlanta transplant and I would give my first born for a Taco Mac franchise in the south bay!). IIRC, the owner of H&W is from Atlanta, so that may explain the quality of the wings!

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            Ok, I have to respectfully disagree about H&W's. I love buffalo wings. They are my favorite food. Really good wings are hard to find here, and H&W's was no exception. Perhaps today was just an "off day," but I found both the "staff" (one guy) and the food to be lacking. Not to mention, they don't have a restroom or any indoor seating and it's in the middle of a somewhat ghetto area. My buffalo-chicken hoagie was slapped together, the bun was dry, and it needed about twice as much sauce. My buffalo wings were over-cooked, small, and the sauce was cold and overly peppered. Not a bad meal, but the wings are not anything special, even for LA. Pizza Hut's wings are actually better tasting.

          2. "IS THAT IT?"...asked the guy on the phone after I ordered a steak hoagie combo and 12 wings for pick-up. "Is that it?"...I thought to myself after sampling the goods! Someone 'local' is writing the reviews for this place?!? taste buds indicated an 'OK' hoagie, one that would have appealed more to me a few years back as a starving undergrad.....and lemon-pepper wings tasted like 'Lemon Pledge'. Yuucck! (this was the Venice location). I had sampled the same fare at LaCienega sometime earlier and enjoyed the slightly dry, small, but tasty wings, and indistinctive hoagie. This place is NOT expensive, that's good....but you get what you pay for! Not worth a repeat for me unless I want to get that 'Lemon Pledge' tingle in my mouth......

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              I agree that their lemon pepper is nasty, but I've got a friend who loves it. Go figure. And while I like the people at the La Cienega location, I'm disappointed by the food. I love real Philly cheesesteaks and good, meaty wings. Just can't seem to find them when I'm in LA.