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Jun 13, 2011 11:12 AM

Dining on route to San Sebastian from Barcelona? Zaragoza?

I'll be driving from Barcelona to San Sebastian on a Monday in early September. Zaragoza seems the most likely place to stop for lunch. Can anyone recommend a worthwhile lunch place there, or an alternative in another good stopping point. It's about a 5.5 hour drive and I would assume we'll be setting out from Barcelona by 10 a.m.

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  1. You will be in Zaragoza before 1pm, too early for lunch by Spanish standards, and you will have an awfully long drive after. I would stop in Pamplona instead. Lunch doesn't really get started before 3pm at the earliest. We had a wonderful lunch at Rodero, and when we arrived at 1:30 it was empty. The local lunch crowd started showing up closer to 4pm. Afterward it is a relatively short drive to SS.

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      Good idea. I didn't realize Zaragoza was so close to Barcelona. Pamplona is a great idea. We'll check out Rodero on the way. Thank you for the suggestion.

    2. Perhaps you no longer need the recommendation, but we had a wonderful and inexpensive lunch at Alta Taberna Pedro Saputo when we were in ZGZ last September. We were there shortly after 1pm - they had just opened so it was mostly empty, but I hardly consider that a problem and the staff didn't seem to mind that we were early. The place was filling up by 2pm so we were glad we got there early enough to get a table.

      The razor clams and monkfish/prawn/pepper skewers were to die for...though pretty much everything we ordered was screamingly fresh and delicious.


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        Thanks, jerkstore. We are driving back to Barcelona as well, so it may be that the timing works out so that we can have lunch in Zaragoza on that return trip.