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Jun 13, 2011 10:48 AM

Navy beans- soaked two night now smell HORRID!

So I intended to make them yesterday but after swimming and spending time in the sun I was worn out. I took the lid off of them this morning after they had been soaking for 2 nights and they smelled like dirty diapers, oriental market, portapotty- you name it but the smell was TERRIBLE! I rinsed them very well and added new water and they are now simmering. Do you know if they are bad (I tasted one and it was ok) or will they be fine after I make them into boston baked beans?

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  1. "oriental" markets smell bad?

    id smell them again after simmering

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    1. re: thew

      (things are oriental, people are asian, but yes, it does sound strange; and I was referring to the fishy, dried smell... I love the contents, however)

    2. Was it warm in the room where you left the beans setting out? I would think that the beans and water would have soured by that length of time. Or had you popped them in the fridge when you decided not to cook them? I live in southern MO and even with the a.c. on, I wouldn't trust anything that had set out that long. It may be very different where you live though.

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        no, they were sitting out... in Texas. Heck, they are cheap. I think I'll just toss them and start over.

      2. Beans can grow nasty bacteria if left unrefrigerated. Once they soak for a bit, they are ripe for bacterial growth. Throw 'em out. Refrigerating beans while they soak is usually recommended.

        1. Toss them. New beans are cheaper than the Dr.

          1. you soak your beans covered?

            I would soak uncovered and change the water daily.

            In a few more days, the beans may sprout.

            Sprouted beans are supposed to be healthier.

            In regards to this current batch, they should be fine.