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Jun 13, 2011 09:25 AM

Things Overheard That Make You Smile...

I was picking out some fresh herbs at the farmers market this weekend when I saw two high school aged sisters excitedly taking in the bouquet of fresh basil and asking their mom if they could swing by Trader Joe's after to get some dough to make pizza Margherita.

"OHMYGAWWWD, Mom. You HAVE to smell this basil. Smell this basil, MAWM."

This was also the first weekend I got my 12 year old son to actually be excited about the farmers market, so the prospect of him doing the same in a couple of years (maybe even sooner) gave me the warm fuzzies.

What are some food related things overheard that have made you smile?

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  1. along the same lines... my daughter had four of her friends sleeping over this weekend,. I put out a veggie tray and a fruit tray..

    first thing I heard that made me smile "I have dibs on the sugar snap peas" (kids fighting over veggies? Yay!)
    second thing I overheard that made me smile "I can't wait till breakfast tomorrow... your Mom's an awesome cook"

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    1. "Sorry about that. Let us know the next time you are in the store and we will replace it for free."

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        1. At the Lot on Tap under the High Line, yesterday:
          "Ice cold beer, sun shining, and Zeppelin playing. What a great day, man!" -- We had to concur.

          At the greenmarket on Friday:
          "But mom, I like the red kale better." -- So do I, child, so do I!

          At the greenmarket some time last year:
          "What is this?" "Red russian kale, dear." "Do I like it?" "Yes." "Can we get some?" "You have a wallet, don't you?" -- I told DH that I think we will totally turn into this older couple some day! :)

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