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Things Overheard That Make You Smile...

I was picking out some fresh herbs at the farmers market this weekend when I saw two high school aged sisters excitedly taking in the bouquet of fresh basil and asking their mom if they could swing by Trader Joe's after to get some dough to make pizza Margherita.

"OHMYGAWWWD, Mom. You HAVE to smell this basil. Smell this basil, MAWM."

This was also the first weekend I got my 12 year old son to actually be excited about the farmers market, so the prospect of him doing the same in a couple of years (maybe even sooner) gave me the warm fuzzies.

What are some food related things overheard that have made you smile?

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  1. along the same lines... my daughter had four of her friends sleeping over this weekend,. I put out a veggie tray and a fruit tray..

    first thing I heard that made me smile "I have dibs on the sugar snap peas" (kids fighting over veggies? Yay!)
    second thing I overheard that made me smile "I can't wait till breakfast tomorrow... your Mom's an awesome cook"

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    1. "Sorry about that. Let us know the next time you are in the store and we will replace it for free."

      1. At the Lot on Tap under the High Line, yesterday:
        "Ice cold beer, sun shining, and Zeppelin playing. What a great day, man!" -- We had to concur.

        At the greenmarket on Friday:
        "But mom, I like the red kale better." -- So do I, child, so do I!

        At the greenmarket some time last year:
        "What is this?" "Red russian kale, dear." "Do I like it?" "Yes." "Can we get some?" "You have a wallet, don't you?" -- I told DH that I think we will totally turn into this older couple some day! :)

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        1. at a dinner party, ex-boyfriend's boss '(Ex-boyfriend's name), you never said Samuel was such an amazing cook."

          I was a popular chap that night.

          1. From my 10-year-old nephew who wouldn't eat ANYTHING: "Aunt Terrie, this is the best ham I've had in my whole life!"

            1. From my son, who was about 2.5 or three years old at the time. He'd had octopus and rice for lunch, and when dinner time came around, he asked for octopus again. When we said no, he broke down in a tantrum, crying and wailing "I want octopusssss! I want octopusssss!" My husband and I still break out in the giggles when we remember that food tantrum (which was one of his very few over the years).

              1. From my 16 yo DD who came with me to pick up our CSA veggies: "Mom! They have kohlrabi! Can I have them as a snack or are you saving them for dinner?"

                Then at dinner, from DH, who loved the red lentil and kohlrabi salad I'd made: "Hey, does this have that vegetable that looks like a cartoon character in it?"

                1. We are in Spain. Two Americans at the next table are reading the menu, and they don't speak Spanish or Italian. One explains to the other that Spaghetti Bolognese is made with baloney. The other one opines that Spaghetti Carbonara is cooked on a barbecue grill. I listen eagerly, hoping that next on the menu will be Spaghetti a la Puttanesca.

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                      "You know how you put the dollar bills in the stripper's g-string? Well, instead of dollar bills, you cook the spaghetti by..."

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                        ugh sometimes I am truly ashamed and embarrassed by my own people......I would have died and rolled under the table.......

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                          Really? I thought that their effort to figure out the definitions of foreign words through their understanding of the root meanings of familiar ones was rather ingenius (even if TOTALLY incorrect). :)

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                          Now this is weird! I complimented Querencia's comment and asked an honest question yet my post and the responses that I read have now disappeared.

                          Am I just having an issue with my internet browser and can no longer see those posts?

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                              Thank you! I saw your comment that is now missing and thought you were completely polite and correct.

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                                Thank you, sailing. :) I meant no offense.

                        3. Here in Maine, a couple of tourists, telling the owner of a local fish store that he was selling them bad live lobsters, because they were brown, not red!?

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                            I'd love to see their reaction if they ever came across a blue lobster!

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                                Yes, one of my buddies on North Haven I. caught a blue and donated it to the Casco Bay Aquarium.

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                                I hope the owner revoked their right to purchase lobster.

                                1. Trader Joe's opened today in our town. I sang for the opening with the barbershop chorus I'm a member of, and stayed after to shop. As I was going down the refrigerated aisle, a young girl asked her mother what Tofu was. I knew immediately how the Mom felt about tofu. "It's something that people that don't eat meat can eat", "It takes up whatever flavors you add to it", "It's really gross". At which point, I had to interject: "Now, now.....". Let the poor kid decide for herself at some point!

                                  1. Ages ago in my favourite bike shop,

                                    a young customer complaining about the cost of a bike tire there .

                                    Customer: 'Royland's only charge five pounds but they havn't any in stock at the moment'

                                    Shop man,: 'Well, when we don't have any in stock , we only charge five pounds'

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                                      Great comeback!!!!!

                                      Could apply to so very much in our lives, and regarding food too.

                                      Thanks for sharing,


                                    2. Two in New Mexico: a woman set back her chicken fried steak because it had no chicken in it and another woman at the next table stuck her finger into the sauce of a red enchilada, never tasted it and sent it back because it was "too hot"????

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                                        The customers who make you want to stab a fork into your left eye...

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                                          That reminds me of the time my youngest daughter tried chicken fried steak for the first time. She took a bite, spit it out & said "Yuck! Steak isn't supposed to be fried!!!"

                                        2. Leaving a Friendly's, I overheard an older gentleman say to his granddaughter " When I see that sign for Carry Out Service, I think how convenient for when I've eaten too much"...

                                          1. My kids never stop amusing me about food. Some recdent ones were:

                                            "That chocolate covered marshmellow was delicious but I wish the chocolate had been properly tempered!" - 8 year old daughter

                                            "Why'd you buy PLAIN quinoa again! Don't you know I prefer red quinoa?" - 5 year old son

                                            "We harvested the arugula we planted today. It was spicy and soooo yummy!" - 5 year old son

                                            "No! THAT cookie!" - 21 month old son refusing a chocolate cookie, trying to explain he needed a yuzu macaron instead.

                                            1. I almost peed my pants laughing in the line at Costco once. I was behind a mom and girl around my age (so, somewhere between twenty-five and thirty). It seemed the girl was moving out on her own for the first time, and while the girl seemed to be pretty dumb (but not cognitively impaired!) her mom made it so much worse. The mother kept using a baby voice and saying things like, "Soon you'll be a big girl... shopping at Costco all by yourself!" "Now that you're all grown up you'll have to get your VERY OWN Costco card!" The girl was doing everything wrong too (she didn't have a Costco card out, she wanted plastic bags, she wanted to use her Visa and fought with the cashier over it...). It was just absurd and hilarious.

                                              1. I asked my friend Chuck if he wanted to go with me to the raw vegan potluck last month and he said "I can't think of anything I'd rather do less!" Not one to give up I asked him again yesterday and his reply? "A gun couldn't make me go to that." I bet he goes next month. :)

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                                                1. re: givemecarbs

                                                  I was willing to try the raw vegan concept. My sister is a vegan so I figured since our meals together aren't half-bad, why not go one step further. After trying a raw vegan meal a few times, I have some advice for Chuck - run! :)

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                                                    He he he bulavinaka, he's way ahead of you. The mainstay of the place I go to is green smoothies. Chuck calls them buckets of green slime.

                                                  2. re: givemecarbs

                                                    Let us know how that goes, carbs.

                                                    I've actually had a couple of surprisingly delicious vegan meals that ended with a raw vegan dessert, and I give props to anyone who can turn that out. Takes some inventiveness and creativity for sure.

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                                                      inaplasticcup, there are some tasty dishes to be had for sure. I was handed a small container of some sort of raw chocolate coconut concoction. I said I'd just have a little taste and before I realized it I'd inhaled half of it. /blush. The secret to making it creamy and rich is mashed avocados although you never taste them as such.