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Jun 13, 2011 09:14 AM

49 Social in Downtown Crossing

Went to 49 Social a week ago. They took over the old Ivy spot and the place looks great. Wine concept is still the same with bottles at $28 dollars and up. The food was really tasty. We shared a light meal and started with the Burrata and Tomato salad. Tomato's were fresh and the Burrata was very silky and creamy. Had the Rib Eye which was perfectly cooked and large enough for 2 of us to be comfortably full. They brought us a complimentary sampling of their deserts which were all delicious.
The wine list is very diverse and approachable. The staff was extremely friendly and the owner was around and shared his excitement about relaunching the space. This is a great spot to go after work and can be a destination for dinner.
Has anyone else been there?

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  1. I ventured in about two weeks ago and the space is quite beautiful, I must admit that I never made it to Ivy. At the time 49 Social's bar was not fully stocked, I was under the impression that they would be equipped to serve craft cocktails but there was a lack of Creme de Violette so no Aviation for me. My companion wanted standard Jameson but they didn't have a bottle.

    The food was of good quality, I wasn't too hungry that day so I just nibbled on vegetable sides which were fresh, in season and prepared without an excess of oil. Dining partner dug into the burger and fries with gusto.

    The chef came out and had a nice chat with us and later I happily ate a red velvet and goat cheese dessert that I believe he was experimenting with at the time before launching the final version. I prefer my cake to be a litle moister but the goat cheese had a sweet, almost caramel taste to it, and didn't leave me feeling heavy as so many traditional cheesecakes do. I also appreciated the piping design and plating, even on an experimental dish for one person.

    I'll definitely visit in a month or two and see how things have progressed!

    1. i enjoyed the lobster ravioli app (more for the tender piece of lobster tail than the ravioli itself), the burger ($17) was nothing special. fries were generic despite the dipping sauces. the cocktail i had was ok but a bit overpriced ($12) for what it was. Nice place to sit though. i won't be rushing back.

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        another $17 burger? with wines by the glass for $6? what is with some people?

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          That's Funny, I had essentially the same thought. I walked by this place on Wednesday and looked at the menu. I saw all the "New American Classics:" Seared Tuna , mussels, burger, salmon, etc.

          Nothing really jumped out at me, and while the place seems to be getting good reviews, there was nothing on the menu that peaked my interest. Also, it looks to be fairly pricey. I'm sure I would enjoy a meal here, it's just that I have no interest in going here.

      2. Didn't even know something was going in to Ivy's old spot. For all it's troubles, I rather had a soft spot for Ivy. I always had a pretty good time there. Will definitely try 49 Social out if only because DTXing options are so limited and we've done everything else a gazillion times.