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Jun 13, 2011 08:44 AM

Making flavoured salts

Okay, So I would like to make a few different flavoured salts. However, all the how-to's I seen online aren't what I consider flavoured salts, but just salt mixtures. Spices/etc mixed with salt.

What I want however is the actual salt crystals to contain the flavouring. So I am currently trying to make a shiitake mushroom salt, but how I am doing it. I plan on making a mushroom stock, then adding kosher salt, then I plan on putting it in the oven on a glass tray on low heat to recrystallize the salt.

Has anyone tried something similar?

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  1. I think if you dissolve salt in liquid and let it dry you will end up with plain salt again, maybe some solids stuck to the outside surfaces. Same thing with smoked salt--the salt is coated wth smoke residue, but the salt is still just salt.

    But both ways would cause the salt to have extra flavor, I suppose.

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      Well, So far it seems to be working. I also tried a balsamic salt. The salt is taking on the colour of the liquids I've been using and the flavour. The resulting crystals are a bit cloudy, So I am assuming the particles are being trapped in the salt crystals when they reform as impurities (flavourful ones). I'll try to post pictures as my progress continues.

      1. re: LawnGnome

        This is neat -- would you say the crystals are the same size/shape as the original?