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Jun 13, 2011 08:43 AM

Austin to Tucson via Van Horn .... Suggestions?

Hi everyone,

My daughter is going to be traveling cross country this summer and I'm hoping to gather as many suggestions/recommendations as possible for the legs between Austin and Tucson.

She has Austin and Tucson covered but in between those two, with a night in Van Horn, is what I'm hoping some of the folks here on CH can help with!

She may do the basic I-10 route from Austin to Van Horn or the 71->29->190->I10 route to get from Austin to Van Horn (might depend on what we hear from you!).

Greatly appreciate it!

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  1. Howdy. You might want to do a search over on the Texas board for chow in Van Horn, El Paso, etc.

    As far as stuff on the SW board, Las Cruces is probably the best bet along the route for finding deliciousness (pretty big city plus it's a college town). A board search will turn up some more options, but when we were in Cruces earlier this year, we enjoyed our breakfast at Mesilla Valley Kitchen quite a bit; it would be a great choice for brunch too. It's also the birthplace of Sonic, so if you were ever going to grab a bite there, Las Cruces would be the place to do it.

    Mesilla Valley Kitchen
    2001 E Lohman Ave Ste 102, Las Cruces, NM 88001

    1. It's been 30 + years, but there was a little Mexican place in Van Horn called Chuy's Drive-in. I used to make a run from Tucson to Little Rock on a regular basis back in the mid '70's. Iremember they had a huge combo plate that was excellent, The unique thing I remember was that they had meat & guacamole stuffed sopapillas that were out of this world. It was a great place back during a great time "Me and you and a dog named Boo......." Hope it's still there.

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        If I were her I would drive 90 more miles and make it to El Paso for the night. There are a million more restaurants (not good ones mind you, but light years better than Van Horn) and also something to do at night. There are malls and movies as well as C & H car wash to try eating at. Its a dump, but the food is great. She can go to Kern Place and pick from 6 or 7 decent restaurants, or she can stop on the way into town and have a great steak at the Cattleman's steakhouse at Indian Cliff's Ranch a few miles before she hits the city limits, in fact if she leaves Austin around 10 in the morning she'll hit Cattleman's around 5:30 or 6 El Paso time, just in time for a steak before driving the remaining few miles into town.

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          Thanks much folks! I appreciate the ideas ... hopefully these will get them through to Tucson. If anyone has any more suggestions please send them along -- they're not hitting the road until the end of June.