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Jun 13, 2011 08:37 AM

Need a new Vietnamese restaurant. Does anyone remember the Nam on Nicollet Mall?

This was a long time ago, but my favorite dish was hot and spicy chicken from kind of a hole in the wall on Nicollet Mall about 10th and Nicollet. It was later Sawatdee and I think Keys for a while. It was the perfect combination of savory, hot and sweet, with lemongrass. I have been searching for years for something comparable. The Lotus on Hennepin had good curry and imperial chicken, but sadly that has been gone for a while; and Grant is just not quite the same. Hopefully someone can offer some good options--looking forward to recommendations!! -Thanks!

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  1. Vina of Richfield has an addicting version.

    1. I was going to suggest Vina of St. Paul (Cleveland @ University Ave), but it's been closed for a while. Maybe Que Viet? That's where I first fell in love with Vietnamese hot & spicy chicken.

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        I grew up on Que Viet some twenty odd years ago when they were on Hwy 13 and 35E in Lilydale. Their hot & spicy chicken (and beef and potato) is my ultimate comfort food, it always hits the spot, the NE Mpls Que Viet tasted pretty darn close to the way I remembered it.
        Certainly wouldn't be considered authentic...

        Que Viet Village House
        2211 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

      2. Indochine on Grand near Macalester College in St. Paul. Delicious hot and spicy chicken and many other things!!!

        1. While we're on the topic, if the sweet/lemongrass/savory combo floats your boat, you might also try the Com Ga Xao (carmelized lemongrass chicken) at Quang or the Lemongrass mock beef at Evergreen. Both retain that "addictive" quality I think you're looking for.

          1. One of my favorite restaurants is Thanh Truc in Woodbury. It is worth the drive. You have to get the egg rolls and their egg drop soup is heaven. The shaking beef was my favorite entree. Their Pho and Pad Thai are excellent along with their special house fried rice.... I could go on and on. Authentic with great owners who remember your name.

            Thanh Truc
            2230 Eagle Creek Ln, Saint Paul, MN 55129

            Woodbury Cafe
            803 Bielenberg Dr, Saint Paul, MN 55125