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Jun 13, 2011 08:30 AM

3 Little Pigs in Armonk

Anybody try this BBQ place yet? Still missing Mt. Kisco's Q...

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  1. Q in Port Chester isn't much farther from Armonk than Mt Kisco.

    1. Yes. It was really disappointing. Somewhere on the printed menu it says "smokin'", but I don't think the meat comes in contact with smoke at all. (Actually the disappointment starts when you pull into the parking lot and there is not a whiff of smoke or genuine BBQ).

      Maybe this is baked chicken rolled in barbecue sauce -- and not very good sauce at that. A little shy of "cloying".

      Port Chester's "Q" is pretty good. If you want the real smokin' deal, check out Big Kev's, near Bethel, New York. It's quite a drive but the man makes a strong bird and you'll never want to be a faux BBQ victim again.

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        TO BAD SO SAD! Go to Big W's...a lot closer then bethel and awesome eats & friendly staff