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Jun 13, 2011 07:40 AM

Do you know anything about thge "microcrisper" for microwave ovens?

Last nite I saw an ad for the "Microcrisper", a device for the microwave that appears to put a crisp exterior on microwaved foods.

It looked interesting. Does anyone have any experience with it? Anyone know if this thing is sold anywhere in a retail store?

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  1. I was searching Chowhound with the same question. With a kitchen remodel done last fall, we just got around to looking at the accessories that came with our built-in Kitchen Aid convection/microwave oven.

    Last night I tried the microwave steamer vessel first to heat up store bought tamales, worked like a charm.

    Emboldened, I sprayed the crisper pan with Pam, per instructions, put the crisper pan in and pressed the crisp button to preheat the pan as per instructions. After a short period of time the oven filled with smoke, so I turned the oven off. My wife tells me that I used the wrong Pam, i.e. the one for baking.

    Chagrined, I planned to try again this morning to crisp my waffles made Saturday morning. I washed the pan last night and put it again this morning with no Pam and no preheating. The first attempt at 30 sec. warmed the pan and the waffle slightly. Tried again with another half waffle at one minute. At about 45 seconds, it started to smoke again. Stopped the experiment, waffle was warmer, but not crisper.

    Will check with Kitchen Aid about the smoking when I find the time. In the meantime, it will be back to the toaster oven.

    My next experiment will be with the convection baking option.

    1. I asked this myself recently on a thread - the toaster & toaster oven have been removed from my workplace, and I'd like to have something that has does a semi-decent job of crisping things up, if even just for crisping up bread or bagels.

      I saw some crisping wrap thingies at the grocery store a couple weeks back; I might give those a try and will report back if I do