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Jun 13, 2011 07:38 AM

Wise Acres is a great addition to Tangletown

Had dinner at Wise Acres Eatery on Friday night, and it was great. They haven't changed the old Liberty Frozen Custard Space too much, so it still has that converted gas station look. Food was lovely. I had the Wise Acres Salad and a bowl of their soup of the day, which was a vegetable soup with a dollop of smoky creme fraiche. Soup was excellent. Salad was good--very fresh, but simple. My husband had the Royal Brie and Bacon burger. I had a bite, and it was tasty. The skinny farm fries that came with the burger were good too, and the wild rice slaw was unique and delicious. Got the grilled cheese for my little son, and it had a delicious whole grain mustard in it.

We were too full for dessert, but we're interested to try the custard next time to see if it is as good as Liberty's was (I heard they inherited the machine). Also got takeout deli sandwiches for lunch on Saturday, and the ham and cheese was delicious--served on a flakey croissant, and the egg salad was top-notch.

Welcome to the neighborhood, and kudos to the Tangletown Garden owners for bringing us this delight.

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  1. I went the second day they were open. Had the grilled cheese with roasted vegetables sandwich and a cup of zucchini soup. Everything was quite good, but their price-to-portion ration is miserly, at best. I've read this same impression a few times elsewhere, so I know it wasn't just me. Awesome idea, great chef, but they need to iron out a few wrinkles.

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      Agreed on the price-to-portion ratio. My soup and salad were ample and reasonably priced, but my husband's burger was $14 for a 1/3 lb burger with some fries and wild rice slaw. That was pricey. I'm happy with smallish portions, but they shouldn't be overpriced.

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        Another agree on the price-to-portion, or maybe just price. I also went last week, and enjoyed the food quite a bit, but $14 for that burger was definitely too much. It was pretty tasty, but I think the Vincent burger is better, and the Vincent cost is $2 less. We got the ham and pea fritters, and I really enjoyed those. They seemed a little doughy in the middle, but in kind of a good way. (I'm not very experienced with fritters, but I thought they tasted great.) We did get the custard, which was good, but again pretty small for the price. I can't say exactly how the custard compared to Liberty's, because my typical Liberty order was a shake--I hardly ever got the pure, plain custard.

        All in all I'm glad it's there, but I probably won't be back on a very frequent basis unless there's some price adjustment.

      2. I loved Liberty Frozen Custard. It's nice to hear the space is being well-used.

        What's a "skinny farm fry"?

        Liberty Frozen Custard
        5401 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55419

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        1. re: Jordan

          They call them farm fries on the menu. I just wanted to point out that they were skinny fries (I prefer skinny fries to thick fries).

        2. We were there last night. The service until we sat down was very strange. We added our names ot the list and went over to the bar to grab a glass of wine to enjoy on the patio. The bar had completely cleared out, so I grabbed a stool to order my drink. The bartender informed me that stools were reserved for diners, and then took my drink from the side of the bar, where we were nearly bumped into by 3 servers. I get saving bar seats for diners, but not when they aren't using them right that second. Then, two tables opened up outside and were clean for probably about 15 minutes. The hostess, rather than seating us when they opened up, first seated the parties in front of us who were waiting for inside seats. Since their tables weren't ready, we couldn't be seated either. That clearly made no sense. Our server was fine and the food was fine but it wasn't overwhelming enough to make me go back and wait extra time simply because the hostess couldn't figure out how to manage a crowd. I'm sure we'll probably be back to try the custard/quick side with our toddler.

          1. Picked up some vanilla custard there this evening. It strangely had more salt in it than your typical trendy salty-sweet dessert; in fact, we tasted it several times trying to determine if there was any sugar in it at all - ?!?! We don't really like a ton of sugar in our desserts, and as a baker I typically automatically reduce the sugar in dessert recipes, so this really confuses me.

            Has anyone else had this experience, or are we just nuts?