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Jun 13, 2011 07:09 AM

Need reco near Aragon/Uptown

I'm not familiar w/ the Aragon nor Uptown and am looking for a pre-concert meal reco. Mid-priced, good food, not bent on any particular ethnicity at this point, hopeful for a neighborhood gem a la Nightwood, Kith and Kin, Bluebird...anything like that in that area?

We're headed up Saturday night, probably like to eat about 6pm, so hopeful we can get in anywhere!

Thank you.

Kith and Kin
1119 W. Webster Ave., Chicago, IL 60614

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  1. Most of the restaurants near the Aragon are ethnic, so it's a matter of choosing what kind of food you like.

    There's an Indian restaurant called Marigold around the corner from the theater.

    A couple blocks north of there is the intersection of Broadway and Argyle. That's the center of an area full of Vietnamese restaurants. The best known, Tank Noodle ( ), is on that corner, or you can walk east on Argyle and look at the menus in the windows and see what sounds appealing to you.

    There's a decent Thai restaurant called Thai Pastry on Broadway before you get to Argyle.

    For Chinese seafood, there's Silver Seafood.

    Demera is an Ethiopian restaurant on the same block as the theater.

    For a more upscale experience, Magnolia Cafe serves contemporary American food, and it's a couple blocks south of the theater on Wilson.

    All of the above are within a five minute walk of the theater!

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      I was not impressed with Marigold. Yes, the atmosphere was nice, but to me the food was nothing special compared to what is available on Devon. Not bad, quite good in fact, but not worth the price. Just my two cents.

    2. Sun Wah BBQ is a really fantastic Chinese restaurant just a few blocks north on Broadway.