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Jun 12, 2011 07:02 PM

Cured meat father's day gift in Manhattan or by mail

I'd like to get my husband a selection of cured meats for father's day, and was hoping for a little direction from the dog house. He leans more toward the cured sausage end of the spectrum than the prosciutto end with salamis being his favorite. I know about Boccalone, but they seem to get mixed reviews around here.

Mail order is fine, or I could go to a shop in Manhattan, but I would prefer something in a mini-size for storage and presentation purposes.

Super thanks!

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    1. How about Eataly, Mario's place?

      1. All I can say is that you're an awesome wife! I love cured meats too. :)

        Have you been to Salumeria Biallese? I don't live in Manhattan, but I heard it is really good.

        1. Salumeria Biellese or Salumeria Rossi Rosi Parmacotto can get you what you want in Manhattan.

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