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Jun 12, 2011 06:44 PM

Best recipe for home-made pizza? With a grill?

Could someone please share with me their best recipe for home made pizza? I would love to be able to make something with a chewy, thin, charred crust as one would find in a wood burning pizza oven place - of course I don't have that but some sort of approximation would be nice.

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  1. Reinhart's Napoletana is very good. It is difficult to get the char without a wood fired over though. I have had some luck by putting my stone on the floor of my gas oven but you get char on the bottom though usually none on the crown. He also has a grilled recipe in his book American Pie but I haven't tried it. That book is fantastic if you are going to make pizza at home and has about 12 pizza dough recipes so you can find what you like.

    1. I don't have my crust recipe with me, though I could look it up for you at home if you need. A few things I've learned - I like to use a quick rise yeast. After the first rise, I punch it down and give it a second. After that, it rises very slowly, almost barely at all. I like that because it keeps the crust thin after I've rolled it out. I also find that the longer it sits after the second rise, the crisper it gets.

      Fire up your grill, but keep it pretty low. Put your crust on to cook what will be the top side. Remove, increase heat, then throw it back on and put your toppings on as soon as possible.

      This way, you get the whole thing cooked, and get some char on the bottom but not on the top.

      Bear in mind that it will be on the grill for such a short amount of time, it really ends up being a fresh pizza, and your mozz doesn't get very brown.