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Layered graham cracker square recipe needed.

I grew up in Western Canada and I remember these squares at every wedding, dance, and funeral that I ever went to. They were whole grahams layered with this creamy chocolate and they were sooo good. I have never seen them in a bakery or anywhere in the city. If you can help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks all !

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      Thanks anyway but this bar is layered like a cake would be with crackers, chocolate then cracker again ,usually about 6 layers. I came up the same recipe you sent when I did a search. Thanks again for trying.

    2. Since you said Canada, any chance it was a nainamo bar?


      They seem to come in lots of different varieties.

      1. It sounds to me like you're looking for a version of an icebox cake, made with graham crackers and a chocolate filling. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Icebox_cake

        Here are a couple of recipes:

        1. A male friend used to amaze the ladies in the office by bringing his "Eclair Cake" to office potlucks. It's by NO means an eclair. I'm a pretty notorious snob about desserts and pre-packaged convenience foods, but I have to admit...this tasted pretty good and I can see how it would be your guilty pleasure. It was mine a number of times when no one was looking.

          I googled for it and got:


          Which I think is pretty close to what he told me. Hope that helps!

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            Well danna, I think I will try your recipe you posted, as my mother found the one I was looking for and it started off with "half a cup of crisco lard" !!! The name of the cake is Bachelors Cake. Thanks for the help !

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              heh, heh "crisco lard". Well I'm not sure the thing I posted was any healthier...but lord knows it shouldn't be a major time investment ;-) let us know how your nostalgia cake turns out !

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                My aunt made the same thing but used sugar free vanilla pudding and chocolate icing--came out great without much of that no sugar after taste. Its easier to find the sugar free pudding and icings now a days than when we searched every store trying to find it. its worth trying and very very good!

          2. I make these all the time using good quality grams, and alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla puddings, and whipped cream on top. (for potlucks at work I use cool whip whichcan sit out for hours, ew) And when I make it at home I nearly always put sliced banana in the vanilla layers. OMGYUM

            That's as close as I can think of to what you are asking, but you can use any combination of flat cookies and puddings. I'm queen of the icebox cake since I can't bake worth beans nor turn the oven on in summer

            1. The 'cake' your are referring to was called Bachelor cake by my family. Every summer my grandmother would make it and have it ready for our arrival. Here's the recipe (though there are different versions, this one does not call for eggs).

              1 pound (pkg) of Crisco shortening (not the butter flavour, the the plain vegetable shortening).
              2 cups of granulated sugar (you can use brown sugar in a pinch)
              6 tablespoons of hot strong coffee (instant or perked)
              1 tablespoon of vanilla (optional)
              1 large pkg of Graham wafers.

              Place all ingredients in a saucepan and heat until ingredients are dissolved. Cool (place in fridge until cool).
              Once cool place in bowl and beat until 2-3 times volume. The fluffier the better.
              Line 9x12 pan with Graham wafers. Cut to ensure the entire bottom of the pan is lined.
              Spread 1/5 of mixture over crackers and repeat. End with a layer of topping. In total you should have 5 layers of both graham crackers and topping.
              Now here's the hard part.
              Let the dessert set for 24 hours. Some people place it in the fridge though it can be placed on the countertop.
              Wait.....24 long hours...
              In 24 hours the Graham crackers will have softened to a cake-like consistency. Now the cake can be sliced into squares. The final product resembles a 5 layered cake/ square.

              Note: Another version is to soften the ingredients and whip up without heating beforehand.

              Enjoy :P