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Jun 12, 2011 05:10 PM

How to Smoke Tuna?

I am addicted to a smoked tuna spread that I get at my local seafood shop. How hard could it be? Smoked tuna, mayo, lemon, salt and pepper right? Question is how do you smoke the tuna? I was thinking about putting it on my charcoal slow cooker ( big green egg ) cut thick and cook at 225 degrees until desired smokiness, approx. 3-4 hours Im guessing. Anyone have experience doing this? Brine the fish first?

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  1. I use the BGE also, but fish wise I've only smoked salmon. I'd think it's the same process for tuna. 3-4 hours seems like a really long time at 225. Of course I'm sure you'd be checking it as it goes, I would.

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      I think also way too long
      As Rasp said Id do similar to salmon. Brine and smoke at low temp till maybe till 150 inside. Not sure of that temp as I dont have my notes where I am. Longer then salmon as tuna will probably be thicker. Look up hot smoking of fish for more details.