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Jun 12, 2011 04:26 PM

In Edmonton for the July long weekend with my family and brother in law & family from Ont on their first visit

Hi: Looking for moderate priced places - non chain. I think Jack's grill, hardware grill and blue pear are out. Blue plate dinner looks interesting for brunch or dinner. any other suggestions - I think both families are good with chinese, thai and italian. A good wine list is also very helpful


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  1. I had brunch at the Blue Plate on Saturday and it was very good.

    What part of town are you staying in?

    Will you be looking to eat out for all meals (breakfast lunch dinner)?

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    1. re: Bryn

      Lan's Asian Grill
      11826A 103 St NW
      Very good Thai, we stopped in with our unruly mob and the service and food were fantastic.

      1. re: bluther2

        Thanks for this. I am thinking this is not downtown because of the address?

        1. re: gpjba

          It's not far from downtown. As a general rule the closer you are to 100 St and 100 Ave the closer you are to the centre.

          I had a great meal at Culina Highlands not long ago. Website:

          Culina Highlands
          6509-112 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5W 0P1, CA

      2. re: Bryn

        Thanks for your confirmation of blue plate. Have you done dinner there?
        I think we will be staying downtown which included July 1st. We will end up at the mall on Sat I would think. Yes all meals out.

        1. re: gpjba

          I know it's a chain, but I really like it... When you are at The Mall I really like cactus club.

          Delux burger bar there is also okay. (I like the grocery cart fries, but the burger patties tasted too much like meatloaf for me)

          Downtown 107ave and 101st Thanh thanh is a good Vietnamese restaurant.
          Jasper and 113st Sicilian Pasta kitchen (local chain) is pretty good. Large portions for price.
          On Saturday Morning be sure to check out the farmers market on 104st and jasper ave. They have a bunch of super yummy food carts (the waffle cart is awesome!) and the Queen of tarts as well as the blue plate dinner serve breakfast inside their stores along 104st.

      3. Haweli's has a dinner buffet on Sundays, I think. Bistro Praha

        If you are here on the Friday, Sabor Divino has $15 lunch specials during the weekday. Dinner is good too but the menu prices are more expensive, unless you order the chef's special. Don't know if they will be open on the 1st.

        Credo or Transcend for coffee and a pastry. Queen of Tarts if you want pastry or bread to bring back to your hotel.

        The Marc has entrees around $20.

        If you are willing to head into Chinatown you will be able to eat more cheaply and have options such as Boualong for Thai and Spicy Garden for noodles.