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Jun 12, 2011 04:07 PM

San Diego Chinese - Dim Sum & Authentic Chinese

Hello Chow Friends,

We'll be visiting San Diego in August. We're looking for some good Dim Sum and some Authentic Chinese (+ seafood). Can anyone help us out? We like Kirin Mandarin & Sun Sui Wah in Vancouver and Yank Sing in SF. I know SD can't compare, but we wouldn't mind something close.



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  1. The closest to what you're looking for is to head north to the San Gabriel Valley for good dim sum. Cantonese is not strong down here. If you really, really need dim sum, Pearl in Rancho Bernardo is supposed to be decent. Definitely skip Jasmine.

    1. You may wish to attempt another cuisune, SD is weak on dim sum. I'd suggest some excellent Mexican.

      1. Nothing can compare Asian/Dim Sum in Vancouver BC to here in way, Jose..

        1. If your cravings for something Chinese become too much to resist, I recommend Chin's Szechuan on Convoy for their special weekend brunch menu- some very decent breakfast fare with good cold star anise flavored meats, fresh oil cakes, decent scallion pancakes and very good congee/jook. Not dim sum, but a good alternative in any case.


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            Chin's isn't bad, but it isn't Cantonese dim sum. My biggest neg about their food was that the hot soy milk came out w/ a skin on the top, indicating that it was had been sitting around and cooling off in the back, instead of being piping hot. I recall a similar issue w/ several other hot dishes. Some of their other dishes, like beef rolled in pancake, were very good.

          2. I had Sun Sui Wah a few weeks ago in vancouver and tried the fresh king crab. Wow! Yeah, you aren't going to get anything remotely close to those down here. I've had yank sing, didn't think it was very good, maybe a notch better than what you can get down here. Anyway, don't bother with the dim sum unless you want to make a half day trip to LA.