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Jun 12, 2011 04:07 PM

San Diego Chinese - Dim Sum & Authentic Chinese

Hello Chow Friends,

We'll be visiting San Diego in August. We're looking for some good Dim Sum and some Authentic Chinese (+ seafood). Can anyone help us out? We like Kirin Mandarin & Sun Sui Wah in Vancouver and Yank Sing in SF. I know SD can't compare, but we wouldn't mind something close.



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  1. I believe the two best places in San Diego are Emerald Sea Food and Jasmine. They are both located on Convoy Street.

    Good Luck.

    1. normalheightsfoodie got it right with, "good luck."

      Growing up in San Diego I hated dim sum. Couldn't stand it. My ex-gf loved it, I didn't. My new girlfriend loved it, I didn't. Until I had real dim sum (yank sing in SF of all places). Now I love it .. just not in San Diego.

      Seriously, nothing here really compares. Esp. comparing it to Vancouver and Yank Sing. I'll throw some names out and you really gotta pick, they're hit or miss. As mentioned there is Jasmine there is emerald, there is China Max (where me and my GF will go when we really have to have it). There is Pearl in Rancho Bernardo which is one place where I will enjoy a non-dim sum meal.

      For good/great dim sum, if you can drive, really it's San Gabriel Valley. One LA board favorite which I loved was Sea Harbour. Good stuff.

      Szechuan there is Ba Ren which I had and was very enjoyable.

      China Max Restaurant
      4698 Convoy St Ste 101, San Diego, CA 92111