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Jun 12, 2011 02:55 PM

Hamburg - Bavarian favorites at Hofbräuhaus

Hofbräuhaus at the Esplanade in Hamburg will satisfy one's hankering for all those Bavarian favorites, from the Münchner Weißwürstl to the sinfully delicious Knusprige Schweinshax (can't resist the crackling). My favorite was the Hofbräu Schlachterplatte (min. two pax order), with half the Knusprige Haxe, Schweinsbraten, Leberkäs, Schweinswürstl, Weißwurst, Raiberdaschi with Speck, Krautsalat & Schmand, Sauerkraut and Biersauce on the side.

If pork's not up your alley, they also turn out a mean roast duck, served with red cabbage, sauerkraut & potato dumpling (kartoffelknödel).

Beer selection included the Hofbräu Original, Dunkel, or the Münchner Kindl Weissbier. I opted for the Radler.

Address details
Esplanade 6
20354 Hamburg, Germany
040 34993838

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