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Jun 12, 2011 01:40 PM

One lunch in Portland, ME - We will be passing through and looking for a nice spot for lunch.

We love all cuisines so anything is good! Thanks!

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  1. That's very broad. How are you travelling through? Do you care about distance? Do you want to have a view or is food paramount?

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    1. re: lupaglupa

      We will be driving. I would prefer quality of food over view. It would be nice to not have to go to far from the highway. We will be heading to Freeport next. Thanks!

    2. Don't know whether this is a weekend or weekday trip, some suggestions that meet your criteria are Miyake, Duckfat, Paciarino, {Corner, Grille, Front}Room or Green Elephant.

      468 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101

      1. This really is a tough one. Duckfat. If it's nice out, split an order of fries at Duckfat, walk across the street to Mucucci', grab a "slab" and walk two blocks to the Maine State pier (by the Casco Bay ferries) and eat it there. Very cheap and very good. You also get a little bit of Portland vibe.