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Jun 12, 2011 11:49 AM

Good Perch Dinnner? [Detroit Area]

Coming back to Metro Detroit for a visit. Where is a good place for a fried Perch dinner? We will be staying DownRiver but anywhere in the Metro area is OK.

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  1. Dunno about Downriver; but I believe that Giovanni's Ristorante
    in Detroit has perch on the menu. Give them a call:

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    1. re: rainsux

      This is one of the best meals I every remember in Detroit -- the perch Francese @ Giovanni's. You CANNOT help but just love this food. Wonderful lake perch, which are small fillets, sauteed crisply w/ a great wine/lemon/caper sauce. Just fantastic.

      Can't do better around there and be in perch heaven.

    2. The best Perch Dinner, THE ABSOLUTE BEST PERCH DINNER in the metro Detroit area is available at Pat O'Brien's Bar at 10 Mile and Jefferson in St Clair Shores. No other perch prep compares.

      Wait...Quay Street Brewery in Port Huron is pretty good too.

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      1. re: RedTop

        RedTop (my Eastside brother),
        P.O'B.'s is deep fried only? Any good accompaniments? Fillet or whole fish? Kids accepting?
        (sorry for all the questions, but you've piqued my interest here!)

        Eastside Cafe
        30W270 Butterfield Rd, Warrenville, IL 60555

        1. re: VTB

          Pan Fried, or broiled, VTB. Diner's preference. I order my Perch pan fried, wife orders her's broiled. Any perch meal is filet cut. Dining room is family friendly. Every once in awhile, the kitchen has a knockout veg, as a side, but otherwise choice of potatos, regular veg. Menu recently expanded to include more "irish" type selections.

          (And I probably was over the top in my hyperbole for the bar as stated above. I haven't sampled EVERY venue in metro Detroit that offers Perch. lol. City Kitchen and Sunrise Sunset in the Pointes also do a nice perch.)

          City Kitchen
          16844 Kercheval Ave, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230

      2. The Rattlesnake has always had a great perch entre.

        1. i had a nice plate of sauteed perch for lunch at the bayview yacht club on tuesday.

          1. Downriver? The best perch dinner downriver is at the Speedboat Bar in Wyandotte.

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            1. re: momskitchen

              Thanks for the tip. We've been to the Speedboat many times over the years but always went for the swineburger. We'll give the perch a try.