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Jun 12, 2011 10:42 AM

WTF canned red beans (Chinese)

I looked in every single aisle at T&T for "canned" red beans (not kidney beans) to make some Chinese style desserts (not red bean soup) that have pieces of red beans in them.

I don't want to buy the dried red beans and cook them.

Does anyone know where to buy the "canned" versions - see picture attached.

I don't want to travel downtown either.


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  1. you can try the H Mart on Yonge North of Empress Walk. A few store north of Hello Wanton.

    1. any japanese store will carry this kind of stuff. i've also seen this product in the japanese section of T&T. you can buy them in the refrigerated section of the japanese aisle at T&T (in plastic packaging)... or the canned area in the japanese aisle. it's a japanese product.

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