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Jun 12, 2011 09:10 AM

Looking for a "Man's" meat restaurant in Flatbush, Boro Park or Willamsburg

I have drop off and pick up the Mrs. at a chasana in Williamsburg next week that I can't attend because I'm still in the year of avellus. Where's the best place in Brooklyn to go for a real man's meat restaurant dinner while she's at the simcha? I'm not interested in ambiance.

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  1. "REAL MEN" go to Gottliebs in Williamsburg.....especially for the ambiance LOL !!

    1. If you're already in Williamsburg, Gottleib's is right there. If you're in the mood for fancier fare, Pardes is not far, and this might be a good opportunity to try it out. Other places I'd recommend are in Flatbush/Midwood, i.e. a good half-hour drive from the wedding halls in WB, so probably not what you're looking for.

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      1. re: zsero

        recommend away, I have 2-3 hours before I have to pick up da Mrs.

        1. re: berel

          If you want Israeli food, try Olympic Pita, on Coney Island between J & K, or Pita Off the Corner on E 2nd and Ave P. For Argentinian try El Gaucho, on 18th Ave & E 4th. Since you're from Long Island I won't recommend Carlos & Gabby or Burgers Bar. But really there's no reason to shlep from WB to Flatbush and back, when you have Gottleibs or Pardes right there.

          1. re: zsero

            I'm leaning towards Pardes. Figure I should try it at least once before I retire from my Dwtn B'klyn job.

      2. Gottliebs is overpriced and serves meal marts cold cuts.The only resturants i go to are Scnitzi's and Glatt kosher family on 18th ave-----all others in brooklyn are rip offs-except for substational's east 15th st location!!!!!

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        1. re: joebenjamin

          real men in your situation have wife come out to car every five minutes with plates from the smorg while they watch the game on there phone

          1. re: mrmoose

            maybe I'll just bring a steak & grill & BBQ in front of the hall

            1. re: berel

              Go to Pardes. Start with Beef Tartare. Go on to the lamb pate. (Avraham aveinu was a real man who didn't eat much beef.) Work your way up to a perfect steak. If that's not manly enough for you, phone the chef ahead and discuss your dream meal with him.

              1. re: AdinaA

                I second that! Pardes is amazing. And one of the best parts is that after an exceptional meal, you get the check and realize you can afford to go back! The beef tartare is not to be missed, and when I've had it they paired it with an awesome beer. Not sure if the goat is still on the menu but if so I highly recommend. And although I typically stay away from the "boring" their brisket sandwich is out of this world.

                1. re: Hirscheys

                  Pardes had the greatest beer menu of any kosher restaurant on the planet. And one of the wonderful things about the menu is that the chef changes it. Hirschey's goat may or may not be there, and you can't count on my lamb, either. But the chef will be cooking something equally wonderful.

                  1. re: Hirscheys

                    I've only been there once, and had the goat. It was great, and I wish I could afford to try all the other things on the menu.

                    1. re: zsero

                      looks like it's going to be Pardes. Do they accept reservations for one?

                      1. re: absmiller

                        I just called to make a reservation for one @ 7pm and I was told my best bet was to just come. Well if they can't squeeze me in I guess I'll be running back to Gottliebs

                        1. re: berel

                          I knew I was in trouble the minute I walked in and was told "oh, no reservation, I guess we can find a spot for you outside in the muggy backyard" I should have headed back to Willamsburg as soon as I heard that. I had the corn soup and beef stew. They tasted fine, but when I was asked how did I find the beef stew I responded "I moved the parsley and there it was".
                          as the original subject stated "I was looking for a Man's meat restuarant" not a woman's. I walked out of there hungry and paid the $40 bill. Went back to Willamsburg walked down Lee Ave. and found the place I had really should have eaten at., "The Grill on Lee" , shwarma eggrolls anyone?

                          1. re: berel

                            I didn't make it to Pardes at all last night. My husband and I held out till after our jazz concert (the reason why we were in Brooklyn last night) and had a lovely late dinner at Basil. The food and service were wonderful, even though it was quite crowded when we walked in at 10:30. After our meal, we were sent home with blueberry muffins for today's breakfast. I'm nibbling on one right now--it's not the freshest, obviously, but it's pretty good anyway.

                            1. re: berel

                              Berel, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your Pardes experience. No, I don't work there : ) But I did recommend it on this board. I'm not sure the difference is a gender one. i know as many men that like it as women. But it may be in what you order. For a big-man portion, a burger and fries or brisket sandwich is probably more like it.....And this is definitely a foodie restaurant. If one cares about delicious and innovative, this place rocks. If one cares about how many ounces are in the burger, then it's safe to say you will be happier at Dougie's.

                              1. re: Hirscheys

                                Dougie's has awful food. It's about ounces and taste.