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Jun 12, 2011 03:59 AM

Avenida - why have I not tried them before?

We were looking for a fun brunch spot last Sunday and were considering going to one of our usual suspects, Wine Theif. Although Wine Thief is fantastic, we always drive by Avenida and decided to give it a try. Its a very pretty dining room, which nicely fits in with the history of the building, and they have a patio out back. They have a very nice brunch menu, quite small, but I got a huge breakfast burrito filled with chorizo, avacado, eggs. It was good but huge! My husmand got the huevos rancheros, which were also great with a delicous smoky chipotle based sauce. We also started with the queso fundido, which was delicous. I mistakenly thought it was a BYO (bought some wine with me... whoops!). They had a nice reasonably price wine list and a delicous sangria, perffect and refreshing for a warm Sunday morning!

The service was great and the whole staff was fantastic with our very energetic two year old. I heard great things about Avenida being kid friendly, which they absolutely were, but the only choice on the menu for kids was bacon and eggs. I wish they had something more interesting. Our daughter ate some of our dishes and was very happy with everything, but more kids options would have ben nice.

We defiinitely plan to come back for dinner!

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  1. Avenida is terrific, and the owners, Edgar and Kim, are just the loveliest people. My father was visiting from out of town over Memorial Day weekend, and we went there for dinner Saturday night. As always, the food was fabulous, but the evening was extra special when Edgar came over to our table and introduced himself to my family. Then when dessert was served, Kim came out and visited our table as well. I have been going there about once a month since they opened, and there is not one time that I haven't seen one or both them out of the kitchen and interacting with customers. The food is very good, and the rear patio dining is such a treat in nice weather, but the warmth of the owners and their staff is what has made us loyal customers.

    Plus - My father was really impressed that Chef introduced himself, as if I was a VIP or something, when truly I just eat out way too much!

    1. AmblerGirl, where is this place? Sounds yummy.

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        Its in Mount Airy, right on Germantown Ave.

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          7402 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119
          Phone: 267.385.6857

        2. We went there for dinner last night, and my wife and I don't really feel the need to go back. We had our kids with us, and their dinner menu is very kid-friendly. The atmosphere is also fantastic - a historic early 18th-century building and a very nice little patio out back. The food was passable, even good. They massively overcooked my "medium rare" steak to where it was Texas-style grey throughout, but still tender enough that I didn't complain.

          The price is what really floored me, and I used to live in Manhattan. Price for 2 adults and 2 little kids? Over $130 pre-tip. If the food was top-notch I would accept this, but it was just good. Granted, we had a total of 3 drinks, and we had dessert, but it's still too much.

          I will say that the drinks and dessert were tasty and probably worth the price.

          It's too bad - the staff was very nice and the meal was pleasant - the food just doesn't match up to the price. You have to be pretty good to command a $17-19 price for an entree. For those prices I can go downtown and get really good food.