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Jun 12, 2011 03:48 AM

Taqueria la Morena

I heard some great things from friends (and on these boards) about Taquria La Morena and decided to give them a try last night. I had a craving for mexican and wanted to go somewhere cheap and casual, we were going to go to Rey Azteca, but decided to try something new. The restaurant is tiny (not good for crowds) with just a handful of four-tops. Its not pretending to be anything more than it is, so its very casual with some mexican/guatemalan knick knacks everywhere, not the cleanest dining room I ever saw, but it is all about the food and not the atmosphere.

When we arrived we saw a sign that they now only took cash and were horrified when we realized we only had $35 between us feed two adults and a hungry toddler (we usually use credit cards) plus tip, but we had a feast and met that really limited budget.

They started us off with a small bowl of homemade tortillas topped with refried beans and cheese, served with two homemade salsas. One creamy mild green salsa and one creamy smoky/hot chopotle based salsa. We ordered carne asada tacos, a huge corizo burrito which was fantastic topped with a creamy sauce and diced tomatos. We ordered the pork gorditas, which were little crispy "cups" filled with pork, cilantro, lettuce. They were outstanding. My husband and I loved everything, and so did my two year old who scarfed up a little bit of everything. She also has a craving for beans lately (who understands the mind of a two year old) so we ordered her a side of pinto beans, she scarfed up the whole thing but I managed to try a bite and they were really good. At the suggestion of our waitress we finished off with their fried bananas. I order fried bananas often in mexican restaurants and they always disappoiont. These were the best I have had - crispy tortillas on the outside, creamy sweet banana on the inside. Perfect!

Service was great, our waitress was really nice, had some great suggestions, and was fantastic with our daughter.

I cannot wait to go back and explore the menu further... when we have more than $35 in our pocket! but we left stuffed and happy, which is great for that budget!

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  1. thanks for the report! wheres the taqueria located? my google searches are only pulling up the taqueria la morena in sf

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      Its in Hatboro on Moreland avenue.

      Here is a page with a picture of the restaurant.


    2. la morena is very good. but have you tried el limon in conshy? you must go!!!

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          You will enjoy El Limon .. small tacquiera just down the street from Blackfish. Simple menu, but the tacos are authentic (carnitas, chorizo, pollo. carne asade) topped with onions and cilantro. I enjoy it for lunch. It is baby friendly but not sure if they have an acutal highchair. only about ten tables. No liquor license though they sometimes give away free sangria or marguaritas. Full list of jaritos and mexican coke drinks. I have enjoyed a very nice mushroom soup there. But this is truly a tacquiera not a full restaurant.

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            they have 2 high chairs at least. no problem to bring the kids!