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Which cupcake looks nicer?

I can't make up my mind. I'm making lemon meringue, peach, and creamsicle cupcakes for my brother in laws' rehearsal dinner. I am doing some testing of new recipes, and this is my first time using 7 minute frosting. I am undecided whether I like the crazy spikey thingy or the neatly piped swirl better. What do you think?

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  1. I like the swirl better.

    1. For the particular occasion, I like the swirls. But don't throw away the spike idea - might be very cool for a graduation party, school bake sale or sleepover - for a younger, and maybe even more male, sensibility.

      Nice job! :)

      1. They're both lovely! I have trouble deciding myself because I love the spikes, but you did such a wonderful job with the swirls, I'd pick those too.

        1. I can't help but think that they look good *together* -- the smooth swirl accentuates the spikes and vice versa.

          1. these are gorgeous!!

            is either significantly more difficult to make than the other?

            1. I like them together, just as you have plated them. Very nice.

              1. I also like the look of both together.

                1. Another vote for them together! I think they would look even more delicious in a different colored wrapper.

                  1. I like them both, and think it would be interesting to present an equal amount of each, then see if you have leftovers in one design or the other. I'm going to venture a guess that you might have more of the spiky ones left over, as the swirl pattern looks less messy to eat.

                    1. Count me among those who like them both - they are beautiful, and you a nice SIL! I'll vote for going with a mixture of the two.

                      1. Both look awesome (great browning/toasting on top), but I'm with the neat swirl crowd. The spike look would be fab if there was some theme and if you could add a layer so that only the tops showed.

                        1. I prefer the "Trump" to the "Fieri", frostingwise. In real life, it's an obnoxiousness toss-up!

                          1. They're both fairly easy to do. The swirl is slightly less time consuming, but that's not much of an issue. The other 2 cake flavors will be piped in a swirl, so half and half may be a little weird. Regarding the liners, I was blowing through some blue ones that I got in a multipack because I don't forsee them complimenting.... anything that I'll make in the forseeable future. I'll probably stick with the swirls for everything just for some cohesion.

                            1. Another vote for the combo. I think just the swirls, as beautiful as they are, are too conventional for my taste. But you know the audience. If they have any quirkiness at all, I'd include the spikes for sure.

                              1. Swirl, especially since you're doing the other flavors in swirl tops. I do think the spiky tops could be a conversation starter, though maybe better for a different event.

                                1. Beautiful!
                                  I also like both, but would probably go with the swirl if the other flavors will be swirl and it does look easier to eat.
                                  I'd maybe consider 3 different patterns to distinguish 3 different cake flavors with the same icing.

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                                    The icing will be different colors. The lemon meringue will have the white 7 minute that's been toasted, the peach cupcakes will have peach colored mousseline buttercream, and the creamsicle ones will either have an orange/vanilla bean swirl or just a straight vanilla bean mousseline buttercream with vanilla bean specks.

                                  2. I like both cupcakes, but I think I prefer the swirl.