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Jun 11, 2011 09:39 PM

Best Cantonese food in Richmond!!!

I am visiting Vancouver for the first time, and I plan on having lunch in Richmond, which I hear is the Cantonese food capital of North America.

I am very excited, but I don't know where to go. Any recommendations?

Should I go to a dim sum restaurant, or should I sample different foods in a food court?

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  1. Dim sum is a great start. Jade, Sea Harbour amongst others. For non-dim sum Cantonese, I am liking Golden Paramount. The foodcourts are great for regional Chinese cuisine. I recommend the Richmond Public Market's Xian stall and Otray (Tianjin) in President Plaza. If you want a more "curated" foodcourt experience, Aberdeen Center's foodcourt is worthy of consideration.

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      I totally second that. For dinner, I would recommend Jade. A bit pricier but I was utterly impressed.

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        I really like Leung Kee Cantonese in the Aberdeen food court. Their noodles especially have a nice "wok-hey" to them.

        Leung Kee
        8260 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X3Y2, CA

      2. Red Star Restaurant (8181 Cambie Road) just east of #3 Road is good. They also have another location on the Vancouver side of the river, on S. Granville St (@66 Ave). Red Star is known for their superlative BBQ duck:

        Both their dim sum and non-dim sum foods are above average:

        As to who has the "best" Cantonese foods in Richmond ....... well that may be an academic question, and we definitely welcome more research in that area ;-)