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Jun 11, 2011 07:54 PM

Open Table misfires

I had reservations with Scarpetta Thursday, and Jaleo Friday made with Open Table. Both restaurants could not find the reservations and I had confirmations. Luckily w my wife and I got in. But just a tip to Chowhounds, call to make sure I learned my lesson.

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. I'm sure things do occasionally get lost, but are you sure you had the right date?

    A few months ago four of us decided to meet at a nice restaurant during Restaurant Week- somewhere none of us would go normally due to expense. One made the reservation on OT and sent the confirmation to the rest of us. Two of us got there first, and the host could not find our res, checked the name, we assured him it was confirmed. It was packed, but he squeezed us in. 10 minutes later, the host stopped by to say he found our reservation....for the following week! Ooops! We had all received the confirmation for the wrong date and not even noticed, because we were so sure the res had been made for the night we intended to dine. Luckily the restaurant was very gracious about it and we had a good time, once we got over being slightly mortified.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      I just checked, I had a confirmation of the time and date.

        1. re: AMC1210

          How very odd that your reservations were lost two days in a row. What are the chances?

      1. I cannot recall an OT reservation, over the last few years, where I have not received an "upcoming reservations" e-mail.


        1. Is it really that hard to pick up a phone to call and reserve?

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          1. re: kpaxonite

            No, but the advantage to reserving online is that you have evidence - in the form of a confirmation email - that you have done so. I've made phone reservations that mysteriously vanished.

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              What's the difference when both supposedly use the same system? Oh! You don't have to wait until staff gets there in the late afternoon to call, you can check out different dates/times without wasting a person's time and, like small said, you have written proof!

              1. re: kpaxonite

                Well, we are often making reservations for 7 - 10 nights of travel. Even with a list of possible restaurants, there are nights, when one is filled, or closed, and Open Table can really help for filling in each night of such a trip. It can also save me perhaps 12 phone calls, when I find that restaurant A is NOT open on Sunday, and then I have to call restaurant B, and see if they can move the reservations around.

                Add the international aspect, and OT, or Top-Table, and I can book my UK, or FR, or IT reservations at 9:00PM -8 GMT, and not have to worry about calling early in the AM here, to get someone there. Also, I can book reservations for several trips in a short evening on my computer, and never have to worry about Time Zones anywhere.

                Now, before anyone thinks that I believe that OT is perfect - it is not. We have had several occasions, where we wanted restaurant Z, but OT shows them as unavailable. A call reveals that they DO have tables, but have not released all to OT. Then, the phone call is much better.

                Just my observations,


              2. i have only used OT twice...
                both times had no problem...
                and the last time was my wife's birthday.. it gave me the option for flowers to be delivered ..and when we got to restaurant they were there waiting...and my wife was very surprised and impressed......

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                1. re: srsone

                  That little feature can be great.

                  Unfortunately, one time that I messed up with the date of the OT reservation (OE on my part), I had also done flowers. Luckily, the restaurant placed them in the 'fridge, and they were ready for the night that we showed up, so nothing was lost, other than my pride in that I had chosen the day before I had intended.


                2. OT lost our reservation the last time we used them - reservations for a table for 8 at a popular place to watch sports, during bowl season. We had arranged a large party to watch the game and it was a nightmare. I even got a "How was your experience" email after, so the fault wasn't mine. Never used them since for anything important - it just makes me too nervous.