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Jun 11, 2011 07:32 PM

Le Reminet or Drouant (or elsewhere?)

My significant other arrives next week - Sunday is his first night ever in Paris. Which restaurant would you choose and why? I hear them both mentioned in the same breath. We're both in our late 20s, so I'm looking for somewhere not too stuffy, but it doesn't need to be trendy either. I'm open to other suggestions too - just want to make the night memorable. I kind of like the idea of walking from my apartment (the Marais) to Le Reminet, but there's a nice walk to Drouant too!

Also thoughts on the 40 percent off deal on lafourchette? I was going to go for that if we chose that restaurant...

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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  1. i've been to Le Reminet twice for's lovely, and also probably the most incredibly reasonable prix-fixe lunch i've ever had anywhere...i'm sure the dinner food is at least as delicious, though it's pricier at dinner so i hear...regardless of whether it's your Sunday dinner, it's worth going there are some atmosphere: it's dark, cozy/tiny/slightly-cramped, but not stuffy in any way...

    i've never been to Drouant....

    another option: Chez Janou in the 3rd is a S. French bistro and is open on Sunday...occassionally uneven but it's a lot of fun, especially on a warm night when lighter S.French fare and cool glasses of pastis feel a table though, as it can get crowded...

    1. We dined at le Reminet last weekend with the 40% promotion from LaFourchette. The food and atmosphere were good. Our bill for 2 with main course, dessert, and inexpensive wine by the glass (wine not discounted) was $110.

      1. Thanks much all - will report back!