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Jun 11, 2011 06:08 PM

Where to go after Le Cinq?

I have a lunch reservation at Le Cinq (thanks to all the wonderful reviews on CH!) and am looking for a lighter, moderately-priced restaurant (approx 35 Euros pp). This is quite broad because we are very open to suggestions...

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  1. Dinner, lunch, same day, next day, previous day, what day of week ?

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      So sorry...I am new to this and wondered about not giving enough information!
      Le Cinq is scheduled for Thursday and I'm looking for a recommendation for after that.
      My food itinerary is tentatively:
      Tuesday La Regalad for dinner
      Wednesday Paul de Chene dinner (not too sure about this one)
      Thursday Le Cinq lunch
      Friday Les Ambassadeurs or Jean-Francois Piege.

      I am also seriously thinking of switching or adding Passage 53 and Le Chateaubriand (however my BF may not enjoy having no choice in what he's eating...he's not as adventurous as I am).
      It is hard to know if I've got a good mix of restos. We prefer not to do too many 3-hour meals.

      I am also looking for recommendations for Monte Carlo and surrounding area (I know the general point of this area is that it's so commercial, but BF has never been and really wanted to see what the hype was all about). We have a reso at L'Ane Rouge (and pre-ordered the bouill.) as I am a huge fan of bouillabaise. Thoughts?

      1. re: Toronto2AZ

        l am sure your metabolism is better than mine, but after a recent lunch at Le Cinq with God knows how many courses and three bottles of wine, OK the third was a 500 ml., all we wanted to do that evening after that 3.5 hour extravaganza was lie on a bed and have someone massage our stomachs a la the Hawaiian method to help digestion. My thoughts would be to simply before lunch get some charcuterie and some cheese, etc. and if need is there have a picnic in the evening in any of the zillion parks in the city. Simple, wonderful, inexpensive, not counting jamon iberico, and if you have to open your belt a bit, no one to view it.

        1. re: Toronto2AZ

          After lunch at Le Cinq there's nothing I would be able to swallow for dinner except, perhaps, a bowl of pho at Pho 14 or somewhere else in the 13th or Belleville.

          1. re: Toronto2AZ

            A very long walk and then bed for me. If you had to eat something I may head out to La Cagouille for some oysters and a simple piece of grilled fish (and a bottle of Chablis).

            1. re: jeremyholmes

              Likewise a good long walk in the late afternoon sun, after our lunch there we simply headed to a wine bar (Fish), continued to relax, and eventually had a small snack later in the evening before a relatively early bed.

            2. re: Toronto2AZ

              Passage 53 was one of my favorite meals I had on my recent trip that included Pierre Gagnaire, Le Cinq, Le Chateaubriand, and a few other places. Passage 53 you get a lot of plates, all of which were winners. Le Chateaubriand had some very good dishes but also a lot of what-were-they-thinking ones. Both restos might not be ideal if your BF wants some control of his meal though. But at Passge 53 the servers ask if there is anything you prefer and we saw one table receive replacements to all the fish courses of the night. At Le Chateaubriand I don't know if they would do replacements.

              1. re: nextguy

                Thank you all so much for your great suggestions! A walk and late night snack sound perfect! Sometimes I have to remember not to micro-manage the food portion of my trip! On the other hand, it IS Paris...

                1. re: Toronto2AZ

                  And being Paris there is only one place to go and that is cocktails at Le Bar at the Plaza Athenee. Walking distance as well.