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Jun 11, 2011 06:01 PM

Cookbook collectors, do you collect cooking magazines too?

In addition to my cookbook addiction, I also have a cooking magazine monkey on my back!

A few years ago I went through my Cooks Illustrated collection the tore out and filed the recipes that interested me in binders. That said, I still have over a decades worth of:

Gourmet Magazine
Food & Wine
Donna Hay
BBC Good Food

At the moment they're stored in stacks in a closet and, they are not readily accessible.

I'd love to hear from folks who also collect cooking magazines.

Which ones do you collect, and where do you store them?

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  1. Here's a shame-- the picture you see is of a few years worth of "Gastronomica" magazines -- really cool magazines -- as you can see, about half of them are *still in* the plastic envelopes in which they arrived! They are maybe 15 feet from my right shoulder at this moment -- but I always seem to be doing something else, and never "get around to it".

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        blue room I know exactly what you mean. Increasingly I find there are so many things competing for my time and if I find myself w a little to spare, I tend to end up here or somewhere else online and my once "anxiously anticipated" magazines, have been case aside.

        I've never heard of that magazine but you're right, it sure does sound interesting.

    1. Have Gourmet from 1982- the final issue. They are organized by month on bookshelves.
      Every month I pull off a stack and find recipes overlooked...and make. I really miss Gourmet. The 1980's and 90's were the best.

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        That's fantastic Tripper. Just curious, do you store your magazines upright or stacked? I had mine upright however I found they'd slip, slide and fall over and I ended up w curled corners!! When they're stacked on their sides though, I find them tougher to access as the ones near the bottom are hard to pull out.

        I agree w you whole-heartedly, I dearly miss Gourmet. It was such an enjoyable culinary read.

      2. I don't know if I *collect*, but I certainly keep! One collection I have and still enjoy using is the Pleasures of Cooking magazine that Cuisinart put out in the 70s and 80s, I believe. I also have all my Bon Appetit magazines from 1994 on up. They don't put all the recipes on Epicurious for whatever reason. And I love looking at the old ads. All these magazines are in racks on my bookshelf, and I have them indexed so that I pull them out on a regular basis.

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        1. re: mbcraw4d

          I have all issues of Saveur, except for the first one. :( I have a lot of Bon Appetit and Food & Wine, some Gourmet.

          I need to get rid of some of these, because of storage issues, and the new ones keep coming.

          Some of you may have noticed the discussion of the Eat Your Books website on the Food and Media board. This website indexes cookbooks and is now starting to index magazines too. Once you join you can customize searches to find recipes from books and mags that are in your own personal collection.

          1. re: mbcraw4d

            can you help - while I don't know which issue, this magazine produced a grilling issue that included a wonderful recipe for a grilled tenderloin of pork - it was indonesian I believe -marinated in lemon juice, cinnamon, onions and ginger and the marinade was subsequently reduced with red currant jelly to make a sauce. I planned to serve it tonight but for some reason Cook'n by recipe app will not open so I cannot retrieve the recipe.

            I would greatly appreciate your assistance - email to or call or text to 571 224-8721

            Thank you so much!

          2. I don't so much collect as breed, it would seem. I didn't *think* I bought that many magazines, but yet there on the shelf is a whole pile of them, all full of recipes I intend to try someday....I'm certain they must be reproducing.

            1. I have every issue of Feast and Masterchef magazines since the first one, as well as 104 of the 110 issues of the Australian version of delicious (I'm missing issues 100 and 102-106). I've also got assorted Gourmet Travellers, Dish magazine, and a few random issues of things like Saveur (I'm in Australia, it's hard to find US cooking mags here). I have a lot of (non-food) Oxygen mags and they're bringing out the Aus version of Clean Eating soon so I'll be buying that from the first issue too.