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Jun 11, 2011 05:56 PM

So, one night in Alice Springs. Any suggestions? Will be there early august,

Much appreciated.

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  1. lack of response I'm guessint KFC is my best option in Alice Springs :-)


    1. Haven't been in 20 years, but I seriously doubt that much as changed. Low expectations are in order. The climate is harsh, so there's virtually no local produce, unless you count grubs.

      1. I have a friend living in Alice, I'll pick her brains for you. But in all honesty it's in the middle of nowhere and it's likely to be Australia's finest pub food...

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        1. re: TheHuntress

          An early parma and chips. If you get there late, the fights will start by the time you finish eating.

          1. re: mr_gimlet

            Funny responses.....sounds like Alice may be the culinary equivalent of a some random small western town in the US..... with more brawling.

        2. Ok, so I picked my friends brain and apparently the best place to eat is somewhere called Hanamans. She says it's an Indian/Thai place and to quote her she says it's "yummo".

          Otherwise as Mr. Gimlet says it would be either a parma and chips or surf 'n' turf, if you're feeling classy, with Australia's finest XXXX gold, or a Bundy and Coke to settle down with to watch the nights entertainment. This generally involves either skimpy barmaids or fights to the background of whatever music is on the jukebox. Usually Australian Crawl.

          Ahhh, it's times like this that I almost have a nostalgia for small country town living in Australia :D

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          1. re: TheHuntress

            So what exactly is a "Parma"? Both you and Mr. Gimlet used the term.

            Love Indian and Thai, so Hanamans might be the place....... my oldest daughter takes Karate, so hopefully she can defend us when the brawls erupt;.....

            1. re: masnole

              Chicken parmagiana is a staple Australian pub dish. It's chicken breast pounded flat, breaded and fried and then just to make sure it's dead is drowned in a tomato based sauce, topped with copious amounts of cheese and grilled so the cheese melts. Serve with a large portion of chips and a questionable salad for true authenticity. :D Enjoy your time in Alice, it actually has a culture that runs deep - you might feel the need to close your eyes to a lot, but seek out with an open mind and you will find.

              1. re: TheHuntress

                Chicken Parmagiano? Oh god no.....I'm New York City Italian - grandmother from Avellino (near Naples).....she taught me how to make that myself when I was like 8....

                Only place I eat red-sauce based Southern Italian is when I make it myself in my own kitchen.....

                1. re: masnole

                  LOL Yep, that is the base of, ahem, traditional Australian pub, ah, cuisine. Refined to bogan cowboy tastes :D

          2. Ah, also suggest you stay in the most expensive hotel you can find.