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Jun 11, 2011 05:09 PM

YYC - Hamburger bun help needed

I'm on the search for a really good hamburger bun.

I've been reading about Martin's potato rolls that are used on the east coast of the U.S. and get rave reviews.

Does anyone know if there's anything similar in YYC? What have you found that doesn't taste like a chemical lab got dumped into it? What's your go-to hamburger bun? Where can I find the one to beat them all?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. The potato rolls from Glamorgan Bakery worked well for me. They may call them scottish baps.

    The add a link function is beyond me so here it is the old fashioned way:

    Also try the cheese buns which they now sell frozen along with the baking sheets to make them come out properly.

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    1. re: sharonanne

      I'll second this. I loved the cheese buns at Glamorgans for burgers. Although I found when I made my patty too thick, the bun didn't hold up well to the juice. Still was very tasty.

      1. re: foodkarma

        I used them to make the Cooks Illustrated hamburger recipe which is a simple 1/4 pounder with few condiments. If you went bigger the buns would be an issue but they were perfect for this excellent recipe.

        1. re: sharonanne

          I didn't measure the patties but I'll admit they were quite thick... very juicy as well. I also dressed my burger up with quite a bit - mayo, tomatoes, avocado, bacon, cheddar, and grilled onions & mushrooms so quite a bit of toppings.

          Like I said though, that cheese bun for the burger was delicious.

        2. re: foodkarma

          Oh. My. God. Glamogran Cheese-bun Burgers. How have I not thought of this before now? *drool*

      2. this is a great thread. i've just been using various rolls from the supermarket, but i'm always disappointed. so, hopefully the chowhounders will have some nice suggestions!

        1. I highly recommend the pretzel buns at sourdough bakery. They do have hamburger buns but I'd say they are just typical whole wheat buns... Not as fun and yummy as the pretzel.

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          1. re: katericht

            I'll be giving both the pretzel buns at Rustic Sourdough, and the potato buns at Glamorgan bakery a shot. Thanks for the ideas! Let me know if you think of anywhere else!

            I love the cheese buns Glamorgan makes but I don't think they would hold up to the size of the burger I wind up making. As an aside, I've got a thing for the parker house rolls from Glamorgan bakery as well. Good stuff!

            1. re: Richmond Green

              The potato buns won't make it then but you could ask them for suggestions. They may have something else.

              1. re: sharonanne

                Wildgrainz is making sublime hamburger buns for the season.
                Quality of life + 1.

                1. re: Gobstopper

                  Quick update...

                  I've tried out the pretzel buns from Rustic sourdough. While good, the bottom started to fall apart on me from the juices. I made the pattie size to match the bun, but that didn't help. As an fyi - they don't make these buns on Sundays (I tried grabbing them at Kingsland to no avail a week ago.).

                  No luck getting the Scottish baps yet - they were sold out when I went in to Glamorgan last Saturday afternoon. Must be a popular item? I'll head back this weekend.

                  Lastly - my wife picked up some ciabatta buns from superstore - they were pretty good, and held up to the burger, but I'm sure there's something better out there. I'll get down to wild grainz as soon as possible.

          2. Thread revival!

            Curious if anybody has stumbled across a truly amazing hamburger bun in Calgary yet? I've been looking for something like a Martin's potato roll for a couple of years now to hold me over on a casual burger night.

            While I love pretty much everything from Glamorgan bakery, they don't seem to make the kind of hamburger bun that will stand up to a big juicy burger. (to my knowledge)

            I've tried the buns from the bakery at the CFM and while they were good, I simply found them too dense and they tried their best to steal the show.....threw off my meat-to-bun ratio to the point where it easily overwhelmed a 3/4 inch thick house-ground short rib/chuck patty.

            I generally don't love pretzel buns (on burgers) for the same reason....usually too dense and heavy for my tastes.

            I've even managed to purchase some of the buns from the Silver Sage burger stand at the CFM and while they were good, I found the texture to be strangely chewy....almost seemed to have the outside texture of a boiled bagel, before it's wood fired.

            Honestly, some of the most satisfactory I've found are the plain Jane white burger buns with or without sesame seeds from Sunterra. No glaring flaws, but they don't really bring much of anything to the party. In the words of the late Phil Hartman, "they're bursting with adequatulence".

            I suppose I'm looking for something resembling a soft brioche style bun with a slight crust to stand up to the burger juices, and only the tiniest bit of sweetness (if any). I must say I really like the buns at Earls and Clive Burger but I'm not aware of a place that sells anything of the sort?

            Might have to put my current business plans on hold and develop some PROPER burger buns if somebody doesn't fill this gap in the marketplace soon.

            Sorry for the rant...I'm up late and killing time. What kind of nut would waste this much time thinking about burger buns anyway?!?! *scratches head*

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              Don't think you're crazy at all john. To me if you are going to take the time and trouble to make a good burger at home (i grind my own meat from Hoven) then why wouldn't you want the bun to be as good? I have been making my own twist on "no-knead" bread for baguettes for a year or so now, and often make a couple of buns to go with our burgers. It is that extra step that sometimes I'm too tired to do on a weeknight, but I have yet to find a burger bun that I can buy that I like :(