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Jun 11, 2011 04:46 PM

EL Cerrito:Fatapple’s

Fatapple’s is one of my favorite bakeries and American coffee shops. I’ve written many reports about it over the years.

After a year in Guatemala, I was looking for American food, especially meatloaf. Fatapple’s did not disappoint.

Right now they have fresh blueberry pie and it is one of the best I’ve had anywhere, anytime.

Here's what I had rated from A+ to F -

A -...... Fresh blueberry pie
B - ..... Meatloaf platter
B - ..... Green salad
B - ..... Dinner rolls with butter
C + .... House wine
C + .... Rye toast
A -...... Ollieberry jam
B - ..... Coffee

Service: B -
Ambiance: B -
Price: $$

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Details in first reply.

Fat Apple's
7525 Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530

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    FRESH BLUEBERRY PIE: A - … Way above average

    The huge, fresh blueberries pop with crisp freshness and flavor. There was no gluey, gloppy … stuff … that plagues many fresh fruit pies. A slight nit was there might have been a touch more lemon than necessary. The crust was good and light whipped cream around the border was the perfect touch. It was all about the blueberries and there were plenty.

    MEATLOAF PLATTER: B - ... Very good
    Three generous slices of meatloaf were covered in smooth gravy and served with mashed potatoes and fresh broccolini.

    While I prefer a looser meat loaf, it had good beefy flavor. Fatapple’s seems to make as healthy as possible meatloaf and gravy with little fat. While I liked the meatloaf platter better at Bette’s in Berkeley, I enjoyed this very much … especially with all the wine.

    GREEN SALAD: B - ... Very good

    This is a standard chopped romaine salad with a few spring greens added. It was topped with some shredded carrot and a few slices of tomato. I liked the chunky blue cheese dressing very much.

    DINNER ROLLS WITH BUTTER: B - ... Very good

    The soft, whole grain (but not too) with pats of Darigold butter were good, despite being a bit healthy-tasting

    HOUSE WINE: C + … Slightly above average

    There were also three other red and three white wines offered by the glass for the reasonable price of $6.50. The house red is Woodbridge and is four dollars a glass or $7.25 for half a carafe … the option I went with. There were three and a half glasses in the carafe. It is a drinkable dinner wine and this was a nice value.

    RYE TOAST: C + … Slightly above average

    It was a light corn type rye, which was not the type I like. Even in that category, it was only ok.

    OLLIEBERRY JAM: A - … Way above average

    I’ve always thought Fatapple’s ollieberry jam and ollieberry pies were far superior to the much praised Duarte’s. The jam and filling are less gluey. The pie has a better crust.

    COFFEE: B - ... Very good

    There a medium strong special roast by Peet’s.

    SERVICE: B - ... Very good

    It is always prompt and friendly.

    AMBIANCE: B - ... Very good

    Large windows looking out at the street frame the dining room with wooden tables and a counter with a a few stools. Bakery cases run along one section of the restaurant. There is a parking lot that is often full, but enough nearby street parking.


    This is one of the best examples of a coffee shop / bakery in the Bay Area. It is comfort food in a comfortable, casual restaurant.

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      Just wanted to say its good to see your reports and have you back in the bay area rw :)