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Jun 11, 2011 03:51 PM

Paris Food Map

I have no idea if this will load well enough for anyone to use it, look at it, or whatever with it.

But, the post and advice has been so helpful I was hoping to be able to share. I tried to put together a map of different restaurants/pastry shops/bread shop (my french spelling is horrible, I took spanish and italian so pardon the english equivalents) so that as we are walking through Paris next week I can at least peak in the windows if I don't have any room left to eat.

It is hardly exhaustive, focuses on central Paris (since that is all the map covered), and I'm not taking responsibility if I placed any of them in the wrong place (Google can only be so accurate sometimes).

But if it loads well enough to read, hopefully someone will find it useful.

Thanks again CH posters and I'll be in Paris shortly!

(hmmm doesn't like pdf files, tiff files, let me try jpg - sorry if the resolution is worthless - I may have to delete this post, I just wanted to thank everyone and try to give back to encourage you all to keep helping)

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  1. Alas - it allows for images up to 10m but it doesn't retain enough resolution in the post to read any of the restaurant names . . . .

    I guess this post is now just a tribute and "thank you" to all the posters!

    maybe this will work

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    1. re: thimes

      I pretty much have all the good places marked in my GPS on my phone. I need someone to hack the phone to make a map like that.

    2. You could transfer this yo "my maps" in Google and then share the link.

      1. Hi thimes - what a nice map you have done! I am heading to Paris this afternoon for a two day business trip and wanted to find a restaurant walking distance from my hotel. Seems that Josephine Chez Dumont is the best choice. Thank you.

        1. Thanks. After putting onto Picasa, I can read the small print. Leaving to Paris Friday and this will be very useful.

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          1. re: LeonardL

            I'm so glad a few people found it useful. It was meant to be printed out on 11x17 paper - which the original pdf does very well. I have no idea if the jpg file will be as clear. But as long as you can look online and read the small print . . . hope you have a lovely time and I look forward to hearing how it went!