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Jun 11, 2011 02:45 PM

What's Up With the Orient?

We went by the Orient several months ago only to see that they were closed for renovations. Just called a few minutes answer. Does anyone know what's going on? With only it and Fortune Wheel as the only authentic Cantonese Chinese on the Island, it'd be a shame to lose either one.

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  1. The windows are still covered. It appears that alterations are still going on.

    1. Look for The Orient in Bethpage to re-open on wednesday, August 17.

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      1. re: csweeny

        That would be great news, but I heard that Tommy may not be involved. Any one know the details?


          1. re: EZ Pass

            My daughter is friends with the owners daughter. I've been bugging her to find out when they would re-open. This news was posted on her facebook page this week.

          2. re: Fred19

            Same family owns and operates. Not sure who Tommy is, but I got this news from the owners daughter.

            1. re: csweeny

              Tommy Tan is the owner of The Orient. Is it his daughter's FB page?

          1. re: byrd

            Went there for lunch on 8/19. new, modern decor, Same old watiers. Good as it ever was.