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Jun 11, 2011 02:21 PM

Share your recent cookware/kitchen-related purchases here!

It might be fun to tell or show off your recent shopping trip finds. I love hearing about new gadgets, and great bargains, steals, or splurges!

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  1. To start us off, I just broke down and bought a pink glitter Le Creuset spatula with a wooden handle. I don't need it, but it was crying out to me!

    Also my friend and I went to an estate sale last weekend and I found a collection of beautiful and fun wine bottle stoppers. Some were clear or colored crystal, some were pewter, others were metal or ceramic. I got two different hearts, a fleur de lys, a little ship, a bejweled looking pineapple, and a pink flamingo for 8 bucks. Quirky and cute!

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    1. re: CocktailGlass

      I had to chuckle when I read your post CG. . . I too am the proud owner of a pink glitter Le Creuset spatula with a wooden handle!! I don't recall when or where I purchased it but I do know that it still makes me smile every time I pull it out of the drawer!

    2. I went to the Le Creuset outlet last weekend just to check it out. I had been thinking of getting a dutch oven for a little while.

      Well, I ended up getting a 5.5 qt round in Kiwi because they had some 1st quality stuff in that color. I sort of wanted a Signature one because of the bigger handles, but I couldn't justify paying the extra money at W-S just for that. I also got a stainless steel knob, large gratin dish (lilac), square ramekin (cobalt), and a large silicone trivet (kiwi). Getting 5 items total got me 40% off, which was cheaper than buying the oven alone with my 15% off one item coupon. Altogether it was just under $200.

      1. Sous Vide Supreme and active cooling ice cream maker (deLonghi)

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        1. re: honkman

          What's an active cooling ice cream maker??

          1. re: c oliver

            An icecream maker which has an builtin cooling compressor compared to a passive one where you have a cooling component which has to be cooled in the freezer. Active cooling allows you to run unlimited batches and gives you smoother ice cream

            1. re: honkman

              Thanks. I have a "passive" one. But gotta say that the French vanilla one I made today (from a cooked custard base) was very, very smooth.

              1. re: c oliver

                There is no doubt that you can make excellent ice cream with a passive cooling ice cream maker but we want to make more ice cream batches with different flavors at the same time which is nearly impossible (you would need multiple cooling components) with a passive one. Active cooling also helps to have consistent low temperature whereas a passive one slowly gets warmer which can be an issue depending on your style of ice cream and ingredients (e.g. small amounts of alcohol etc)

                1. re: honkman

                  That could be a definite advantage for many people. Thanks for the education.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    I just saw this yesterday and have been in serious wanting mode since. Look, it's almost 50% off!

                    1. re: buttertart

                      I have one and LOVE it, just made 2 batches of Coconut Milk ice cream. One with coco powder, coffee powder, vanilla, and white choc chips. The other with fresh strawberries, both Delicious. The machine is a dream to operate and the finish product gets gobbled up quickly. Cantalope sorbet later in the week.

                      1. re: JEN10

                        I want it badly. I have a passive one but there's never enough room in the freezer for the canister!

                      2. re: buttertart

                        That doesn't tempt ME as ice cream is a pretty rare thing in our house. But I have duly noted their $2.95 flat rate shipping on everything!!!!!

                        1. re: buttertart

                          That's pretty much the everyday price at Amazon, so I wouldn't get too excited.

                          1. re: ferret

                            Good to know, I hadn't been following the price of them closely.

                            1. re: buttertart

                              Be sure to check out the customer reviews of the Lello at


                              They make a "Pro" and a "Junior" at Amazon. The link is for the Pro.

                              I bought this several years ago when it was $399, but they had a special for $349 -- not much more than the Cuisinart. However, the machine is VERY heavy, an noisy. I think I have two bowls. I just read in some of my correspondence a guy said he bought the smaller unit and loved it, but wished he had bought the larger one.

                              This purchase was one of those luxury items that I thought I'd never purchase. I had used all of the "put the bowl in the freezer" ones since they first came out with the one with the crank many decades ago.

                              The cows on the farm aren't giving much cream now and I use it all up for coffee cream so I'm in a quandry. I've heard that the heavy-duty pasteurized cream just doesn't cut it.

                              1. re: Rella

                                Thanks. I'm still resisting because it's really only I who would be eating tha major part of the output...I've made ice cream with the UHT cream before and liked it, but I bet it wouldn't be anywhere near like farm-fresh cream. I still have extremely fond memories of Jersey cream I had a long time ago.

                                1. re: buttertart

                                  You anywhere near Montreal, buttertart? I graciously volunteer to help you eat your ice cream made with fresh cream. Seriously, I would pay ridiculous amounts of $ to anyone who wanted to sell me that.

                                  1. re: montrealeater

                                    Would that I did, montrealeater. NJ is a wee bit far from la belle province.

                            2. re: ferret

                              That price is the same price everyday almost everywhere year 'round. That is the sale price set by Cuisinart. You are not gettiing a deal. It is a game lots of mfg's play.

                              1. re: Candy

                                Gotcha, thanks for the inside knowledge.

                                1. re: buttertart

                                  You are quite welcome. Buy the machine, it is great but don't think you are getting a deal. Maybe BB&B would let you use one of their ubiquitous coupons. I just got one for $25 off any purchase of $125 or more.

                                  You will love the machine. I love good ice cream and it is the best IC machine I have ever had.

                            3. re: buttertart

                              I have that and I love it. But, Suzanne, don't kid yourself on that price. That $299 is the real everyday price. Trust me. It is a ploy.

                      1. re: cowboyardee

                        We got it very recently and didn't have really time to play around with it yet but since our copy of Modernist Cuisine will arrive soon we will use it quite a lot in a few weeks

                        1. re: honkman

                          Just dive in, no need to wait for your copies of modernist cuisine to come in. You have to try really hard to screw up food when cooking sous vide :P Its going to take you at least a month to give modernist cuisine a quick browse anyway, I was quite shocked at the amount of information in the books.

                          Cowboy, Im using a sous vide supreme as well, but if I had it to do all over again I would purchase one of these

                          and sous vide in an icechest simply because you can cook so much more food.

                          1. re: twyst

                            I think it was unclear from my writing that I agree that it is not necessary to wait for MC to cook with sous-vide but just looking at the egullet MC discussion I am sure that once we have our copy of MC we really can dive deep into sous-vide.

                            I kind of agree that it is hard (but not impossible) to screw up sous vide but if you are planning to cook close to the danger zone (what we are planning for some stuff) I highly recommend to get either the Baldwin book or online tables about how long to cook what to pasteruize/kill all bacteria.

                            1. re: twyst

                              How do you like the SVS? Anything that's not obvious from their sales pitch/product description?

                              Twyst, it's interesting how freshmealssolutions keeps developing their sous vide technology. They keep on adding components to their basic PID until what they've got is basically an inelegant immersion circulator that costs under $300.

                              I've been using their basic Sous Vide Magic for a year and a half now. Good piece of equipment. I recommend it. Made a post about using one after I first got it.
                              I have a pretty big slow cooker, but on the very rare occasions where bath size has been a problem, I've resorted to what I started out doing - a 16 quart stockpot over low heat on the stovetop.

                              I am eagerly waiting for my set of Modernist Cuisine (a birthday present from just about everyone I know). If anyone knows when Amazon is expected to restock finally, I'd be glad to hear it.

                              1. re: cowboyardee

                                According to Nathan they expect that the second printing will slowly starts to get send to cusomers end of July. It's currently on thr way to the US (at least the first shipment). So it will depend when you ordered your book if you get it end of July or much later

                      2. Most recent purchase: CarboNext Santoku.

                        1. This last week I found an All Clad Ltd 5qt saucepan at Goodwill for $10. Then I went and bought some 'Flint hand forged steel' french knives at another thrift shop and paid apparently too much for them. Such is life.

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                          1. re: Ninevah

                            How do you know you paid too much? Plus, if you did, the deal you got on the All Clad cancels it out ;-)