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Jun 11, 2011 02:18 PM

BYO with a great steak, Ambler, Chestnut Hill area???

My brain is not working today so I'm relying in my fellow hounds for a recommendation... I'm looking for a BYO that serves an excellent steak (no preference on the cut) in the Ambler, Blue Bell, towards the city area. Many thanks!

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  1. This suggestion may be too far out, but I loved the steak at Blackfish in Conshe.

    1. Bridget's has fantatistic steak, they are not normally BYO but offer BYO on Sundays.

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      1. re: AmblerGirl

        Thanks for the suggestions, we ended up going to Cantina Feliz, not BYO but they have an excellent NY strip (and delish margaritas)!

        1. re: TheAmblerRambler

          Let us know about the noise level; I've heard negatives in that regard.

          1. re: gardens4me

            From what I understand, it was an issue when they first opened but they've since installed acoustic paneling to quiet things down.

            1. re: gardens4me

              I was there a couple weeks ago on a weeknight (around 7) and didn't find the noise to be a problem at all. It was very good and my group had a lot of fun.

              1. re: gardens4me

                We actually sat at the bar (which I assume would be the loudest area) and didn't have any problem with the noise level. I have also heard that they recently installed acoustic paneling. I would definitely recommend trying it!