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Jun 11, 2011 01:25 PM

Muna Tea (Peruvian)?

This is a random question but thought friends on Chowhound might be able to help!

When we took a trip to Peru they drank muna tea, mainly for altitude sickness. Every time we had it they would just pick it fresh from outside (like an herb) and drop a few leaves in. It's minty, but not quite the same as our peppermint mint tea. Now that we're back in Toronto, we've been missing it!

Does anybody have any idea where we might be able to buy some? Order some? Find something similar?


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  1. We were in Peru recently, as well, but I never heard of muna tea. We drank lots of coca tea to prevent altitude sickness. You might want to try a grocer in Kensington Market called Salamanca, 204 Baldwin St, (416) 593-9814. It's owned by Peruvians and they stock many Peruvian products. Perhaps it's available dried or in tea bags.

      1. Hi, If you haven't already received a good answer, Renegade Health, Kevin Gianni, sells this and it's on sale right now. Shipping is on the sad side (almost as much as the tea on sale), but it's worth it because I can't locate any other reliable sellers at this point. I think if you search Renegadehealth it will come up.