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Jun 11, 2011 10:34 AM

Wine vinegar mother - how to get it out of a bottle??

Hello all - I've always wanted to make my own vinegar and now I might have the opportunity to do so... my (large) glass bottle of Italian red wine vinegar seems to have developed a wine mother at the bottom. I have about 2" of vinegar left in the bottle, which has a very narrow neck and one of those plastic stoppers in it so that the flow of vinegar is moderated.

I would like to get the wine mother out of the bottle and into a ceramic container so I can add leftover wine etc. but have no idea how to go about this. If I break the bottle I risk getting glass shards in the liquid. If I pry the plastic stopper out and fish the mother out it might break into bits and that can't be good. Does anyone have any safe suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Is it not flexible enough to just pour out of the bottle? They seem like such flimsy wispy things, or is the bottle neck *really* narrow? I've read that people save bits of mother to start other batches, so having it break probably won't hurt it.

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      Thanks for your response - it appears that this may be the only way to go..

    2. shake your bottle up with the little bit of vinegar left behind and the mother will hopefully break into smaller pieces. That is not a problem. Then you can pour it all into your new container.