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Jun 11, 2011 09:44 AM

Best Churrascaria Experience in Tampa Bay?

My friend's husband is a huge meat eater -- loves it and can really put it away and as his birthday is July 4, I thought I would take us all out to one of the many Brazil-style steakhouses. Of all of them around the Tampa Bay area, any strong preferences?
Also, I don't eat meat so the salad bar is a big factor.

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  1. If you have him sign up at the Texas de Brazil website for their eClub, they'll email him an offer for a free birthday meal... I believe Boizao right up the same street will do the same thing, but I prefer TDB... Especially for you---- their salad, cold and hot bar are more extensive... I could make a great meal out of just that-- and I'm am Alpha Carnivore myself...

    Amazing cold smoked salmon (not lox) tuna tataki salad, lobster bisque, meats and cheeses, Brazilian Feijoada... Tons more...

    Boizao's meats are just as good (some possibly better), their service is excellent, and the place is very nice--- it's just that I'm so impressed with the 'salad bar' extravaganza at TDB and the beauty of the restaurant...

    Admittedly I usually hit Boizao for their $19.99 lunch Rodizio, where they don't roll out their full 'salad bar' extravaganza...

    Next birthday I might go with Boizao to give them a fair shake...

    A couple other Brazilian steakhouses have closed up over the past few years, and I don't know of any other premium places besides these two...

    1. TDB and Boizao are pretty equal. I don't think you would have a bad experience at either. Just sign up for their newsletters ahead of time and see who sends the better coupon. I think I like TBD just a little better meat wise but it is really loud. Really really loud. Pretty room and rotten acoustics. If you want to have conversation go to Boizao

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        TDB was very nice and loud as you say. I did like the cold buffet better at TDB. But meatwise, I liked Boizao better as I think their meat was better seasoned and when we were there, I think they had more meat offereings and that was at lunch.

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          I never noticed the 'loud-noisey' thing----
          when I'm at either place all I can hear is Barry White...

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              When we were there for my bday I could barely hear what you guys were saying to me. I am partially deaf in my right ear and there was so much background noise I had a hard time even if people were close to me. But that certainly would not stop me from eating there again. Though if I nodded and smiled inappropriately--- I don't know what you said ;-)

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                i couldn't hear a word either! but i love the place, and agree with everyone's comments about the cold bar...i totally filled up on that before the meat was even served. those cheeses and incredible seafood offerings...oh yeah my mouth is watering now. i've never been to bonzoi, so i really can't vote, but wow i love texas de brazil. i was there for my birthday too :)

        2. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Probably heading to TBD and will let you all know how well it went over for the b'day.

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            I think you said it was a July birthday so you have time to sign the bday person up for the free birthday dinner on their website. Have fun!

          2. Both are great, but I've always been a fan of the lunch at Boizao, for the $ you can't beat it. I agree with RibDog that the meat was slightly better seasoned at Boizao, and maybe a bit smokier.

            1. I went to TDB for our anniversary dinner over Memorial Day weekend, and would advise you to make reservations now. They filled up quick and stayed that way, with a line of people waiting, the whole time we were there. I loved it - the food and service were great. I'm not a big meat eater, but my husband is and we both left very happy. Neither of us eat pork, so that limited our menu but we didn't feel as though we missed out on anything. Watch out for hidden non-veg options on the salad bar -- their beans are not vegetarian (pork). I enjoyed the lamb chop, leg of lamb, filet, top sirloin and picanha - but I limited myself to a slice or bite of each. I was not a fan of the Parmesan chicken. I filled up at the salad bar a few times with some salads and mixed vegetables. The only option there I wasn't a fan of was the asparagus. The sushi was a notch above Whole Foods/Publix but I was craving that style anyway.

              I was part of the Chowhound group that lunched at Boizao and have to say I enjoyed TDB more. Granted, it was comparing lunch to dinner, but I liked the set up of TDB better. Both are noisy, but Boizao is cavernous and TDB has a wall o'windows that really opened the room up and allowed us to watch the sunset (over International Mall) while enjoying dinner.

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                Is the chowhound group accepting new members? How do I get on the list? I just moved to the area and would love try some great restaurants.

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                  floridaeater, email me, I'll put you on the email list for the next time we do a chowdown. my email is (my nickname on here)

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                    Todd -- I am going to email you too as I don't think I am on your list. I joined the Hounds for the ABC Seafood jaunt a year or so ago but sometimes I bow out because of the non-meat eating thing. I love me some seafood though!

                    ABC Seafood Restaurant
                    2705 54th Ave N Ste 3, Saint Petersburg, FL 33714