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Jun 11, 2011 08:49 AM

Monday in New Brunswick

Any good reccomendations for a great stop in New Brunswick on a Monday? With so many good places closed on Monday's I thought asking here would be the best solution.

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  1. what kind of place are you looking for? there's a huge range of food in NB from holes in the wall to upscale fine dining. also, are you looking for dinner or lunch?

    1. I hope you like asian food.

      If you have a car, go over the bridge to Pad Thai in Highland Park. Maybe two miles up on the left is some thai food that rivals any I've had. The menu is huge and it's all good. They do make their food spicy so, if you are scoville averse, ask for it all "not spicy".

      If you come by train then walk up Easton Ave to Noodle Gourmet. This is also a much better choice if you don't like spicy food. All the soups and noodle dishes I've eaten there have been at least very good, and the rice cakes rival those at Shanghai Bun for best outside Chinatown.

      1. It would be helpful to know your cuisine preference(s) and your per person budget for food only. That said....

        Steakhouse85, The Frog and the Peach, and Due Mari are all open on Mondays for lunch and dinner.

        1. Tumultys pub is a great burger joint. Evelyns on Easton ave is good Lebanese-my favorite hummus ever. Both good lunch or dinner options.