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Jun 11, 2011 07:32 AM

Harvest on the Hudson - Do you like the awning?

My wife and I like to dine outdoors during the weekend in the summer especially on the Hudson.

We arrived at Harvest-on-the-Hudson Friday night to find they had installed a tent-awning over the outdoor tables. Although this may be a good business decision to ensure the area is usable despite the weather, we feel many of the delights of outdoor dining such as the river-generated breezes, full line-of-sight, sound of the birds in the park, seeing the evening stars and reduced noise levels are all lost.

Also we feel it will get hot in the tent as the summer progresses so they will need to introduce fans.

All in all. it feels less pleasant to dine at Harvest so we will probably go there less frequently this summer.


Harvest On Hudson Restaurant
1 River St, Hastings On Hudson, NY 10706

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  1. Apparently I was there just prior to the installation: Once under the cover of the stone patio and again at an outdoor table parallel to the river. The new awning doesn't sound like a great idea unless they just use it in rainy weather. Is it retractable? Are the umbrellas gone?

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      My guess a tent is a better description which is not retractable. Yes the umbrellas are gone as they are not necessary in a tent.

      The food is still good.


      1. re: TBones

        Yikes. That's something they should only set up when they've got a large party outdoors and the weather is iffy. What a shame. The openness of the outdoor area paired with the gardens and river view was what drew us there. I guess now we'd be better off picnicking on one of the park benches.

    2. Was there for lunch on Friday 6/24 and didn't see anything outside but orange (in the planted garden/patio area), and blue umbrellas (parallel to the river). Food was good, as it often is...

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        Since many of you were there recently. What is the food like? I am going there tonight. I like all seafood, but are there any dishes that should be avoided?